June 16, 2008

Next Winter’s High Heating Costs Cause Consumers to Seek Relief Now

BANGOR, Maine, June 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Consumers who fear record costs to stay warm next winter will rob their savings and force tough financial choices, are now flocking to a new replacement that will save them money, the Acadia: combined heating and cooling system from Hallowell International.

How significant is the savings? Switching from an oil furnace to the Acadia is the equivalent of paying about $1.75 per gallon for home heating oil. That comparison calculation is made based on the cost of electricity, so those in the Pacific Northwest are at the low end of the average, with an equivalent cost of just 47 cents per gallon.

Recently, a Massachusetts couple living on a fixed income replaced their oil furnace with an Acadia after realizing their heating costs were up 500 percent over recent years. Now they'll be paying the equivalent of $1.98 per gallon of heating oil to heat their home.

There are many more homeowners like them across the country who realize that by switching to the Acadia they can reduce their heating and cooling costs by up to 70%. For example, the average 3,000 sq. foot home can achieve the following energy bill savings by switching to the Acadia:

   -- In Portland, Oregon a homeowner would pay $725 a year to heat his      home with natural gas. That same home would cost $357 to heat and cool      with the Acadia, the equivalent of just 47 cents per gallon.   -- In Springfield, Missouri a homeowner using propane is paying $1,749      switching to the Acadia that yearly bill drops to $521, or 76 cents per      gallon.    

Also significant is that many lending institutions are making it easier for consumers to switch to the Acadia. Massachusetts banks are the latest to offer zero percent interest loans to residents who install the Acadia. The Acadia is an Energy Star rated HVAC system endorsed by electric utilities and cooperatives, which also provide rebates to consumers to help offset costs. The patented, award-winning system delivers a new level of efficiency and performance. Consumers can calculate their custom savings from the Acadia at http://www.gotohallowell.com/calculator/default.aspx.

"Consumers need relief and they need it now. The Acadia will save consumers money and reduce user's carbon footprint, that is a true blessing for those struggling with record high heating bills, " said Duane A. Hallowell, President and CEO of Hallowell International. "We will continue to look for ways to make our energy efficient products affordable and available to everyone."

To learn more about Acadia, please visit http://www.gotohallowell.com/. Journalists seeking information should contact Rachel Greenstein, Warner Communications, at 617-569-6269 or [email protected]

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Founded in 2005, the vision of Hallowell International could not be clearer: Think past the boundaries of conventional home heating and cooling solutions to create alternative approaches to residential climate management. The company is committed to creating innovative concepts and products that are highly energy efficient, eco-friendly, easy to install and easy to maintain. Hallowell's products are for both residential and commercial use and are distributed throughout the United States and Canada. Hallowell International is headquartered in Bangor, Maine. To learn more about energy efficient products provided by Hallowell International visit, http://www.gotohallowell.com/.

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