June 16, 2008

Ask!: DIA Trains Going Solar

By Mike Rudeen

Dick and Jean asked recently about a "forest" of solar panels near the mustang statue at DIA: who put them there and where the generated power goes.

The day their question ran in this space, the Rocky had a story in the business section about that solar forest. In case you missed it, Gargi Chakrabarty wrote that, when completed, the project will generate 2 megawatts of power, roughly enough to serve 1,500 homes, when the sun's out and the system is humming.

At the airport, that's half the juice needed to run the passenger trains between the concourses and the terminal.

The system, which is to be operational by late July or early August, is being built and owned by a private company, except for some grading by DIA. The airport will buy power from the company, MMA Renewable Ventures LLC.

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I just got a new MP3 player and I'm wondering what MP3 stands for. - Paula, Denver

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Originally published by Mike Rudeen, Rocky Mountain News.

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