June 17, 2008

Dump Political Correctness in Energy

In today's current energy usage environment, we the people of the United States cannot afford any longer to allow our government to continue in its backward and destructive policies of energy management.

When the current Bush administration decided to allow the stock market to dictate oil prices with its legal gambling infrastructure, it was one of the single worst economic decisions ever made, affecting not only Americans but all people worldwide.

We must, as a country, decide which is more important: oil or tourism.

Force the state of Florida to open its waters to drilling the trillions of barrels everyone knows is there; the same for California.

As it is, we are only one-third dependent on foreign oil. With some simple, positive and, most importantly, inexpensive steps we can wipe out even more of our dependence on foreign oil. Let the Middle East drink their oil instead of our hard work, and the stock market should be banned from setting the price of oil based on pure speculation.

If we are going to start using ethanol, then let's do like Brazil and use a cellulose-base ethanol like sugarcane and not use a primary food crop. Corn ethanol is not working and never will. We need an ethanol source that is more in tune with the energy output of fossil fuels.

Thanks to corn ethanol we are driving less and using more fuel. Cellulose ethanol has seven times the amount of energy output as corn ethanol. Also, corn ethanol is tearing up our older vehicles, which most of us cannot afford to replace.

Once again, let's do it right not half-baked. Stop the nimby mess - Not In My Back Yard; we don't have room for it. And dump the political correctness in energy policy, which is absolutely wrong!

Alan Marberry


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