June 17, 2008

Baywood Highlights Mounting Research on Resveratrol’s Effects to Slow Aging

Baywood International, Inc. (OTCBB: BAYW) ("Company") announced that resveratrol, the antioxidant found in grape skins and red wine, partially mimics caloric restriction and retards aging parameters in mice, according to new data compiled through research started nearly 20 years ago by Dr. Leonard Guarente of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His research recently showed that the famine-induced switch to tissue preservation might be triggered by activating the body's sirtuins. In 2003, Dr. Sinclair (a former student of Dr. Guarente) found that sirtuins could be activated by some natural compounds, including resveratrol, previously known as just an ingredient of certain red wines. Dr. Sinclair and others have tested resveratrol's effects in mice, mostly at doses far higher than the minuscule amounts in red wine.

In addition, a non-related research team led by Tomas A. Prolla and Richard Weindruch, of the University of Wisconsin, reports in the journal PLoS One that resveratrol may be effective in mice and people in much lower doses than previously thought necessary. In earlier studies, such as Dr. Auwerx's of mice on treadmills, the animals were fed such large amounts of resveratrol that a human being would have to drink more than 100 bottles of red wine a day to equal the same dosage. The Wisconsin scientists, Prolla and Weindruch, used a dose on mice equivalent to just 35 bottles a day. They concluded that resveratrol can mimic many of the effects of a caloric-restricted diet "at doses that can readily be achieved in humans."

The Company's wholly-owned subsidiary, Nutritional Specialties, Inc./dba LifeTime(R), distributes resveratrol under its own brand, Resveratrol Life Tonic(TM). The product is available in liquid form for enhanced bioavailability. The product's powerful antioxidant properties include 300 mg of resveratrol extract in each one ounce serving. An average glass of red wine contains 150 milliliters of red wine, or 5 ounces, and one glass of red wine contains approximately .225 milligrams of resveratrol. Therefore, LifeTime's Resveratrol Life Tonic contains the equivalent amount of resveratrol of 1,333 glasses of red wine. Furthermore, since an average bottle of red wine contains 750 milliliters of red wine, a bottle of wine contains 1.125 milligrams (750 milliliters x .0015 milligrams) of resveratrol. Based on those calculations, 100 bottles of red wine is equal to just .375 servings LifeTime's Resveratrol Life Tonic(a). For more information, visit www.lifetimevitamins.com/products/lifetime_resveratrol.html.

"The effects of this antioxidant are extremely compelling, and the evidence on the benefits of resveratrol continues to grow," stated Neil Reithinger, President & C.E.O. of Baywood. "With 300 mg of resveratrol extract per 1 ounce serving, our product has the potency that firmly positions it within the proper range for consumers based on the scientific studies."

About Baywood:

Baywood International, Inc. (OTC BB: BAYW) ("Baywood") is a nutritional science company that develops, markets and sells nutraceutical and nutritionally enhanced products and new age beverages under its own brands. Baywood merges its expertise in nutritional formulation with its leverage in sales and distribution to deliver the most effective and progressive products to market. Currently, Baywood's products are sold under three brands that are distributed into retail markets nationwide and internationally as follows:

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SOURCES: New York Times

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