June 17, 2008

Solar Photovoltaic Market Potential-2008

Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/71a000/solar_photovoltaic) has announced the addition of the "Solar Photovoltaic Market Potential-2008" report to their offering.

PV is an increasingly important energy technology. Deriving energy from the sun offers numerous environmental benefits. It is an extremely clean energy source, and few other power-generating technologies have as little environmental impact as photovoltaics. As it quietly generates electricity from light, PV produces no air pollution or hazardous waste. Moreover, it does not require liquid or gaseous fuels to be transported or combusted. Also, because its energy source, sunlight, is free and abundant, PV systems can offer virtually guaranteed access to electric power.

However, this technology faces several large obstacles, most notably the costs relating to power generation and transmission as well as difficulties in obtaining funding for the development of advanced technology. Research is underway for development of so-called second generation - or thin-film - PV technologies to bring down the costs associated with PV energy.

This report examines this emerging technology and focuses on various technical, economic, and commercial aspects of solar photovoltaics. Beginning with an overview of PV technology, including its advantages, various types of PV, and its applications, the report goes on to explore the PV market dynamics including current and future market size, market growth and development, major trends, and barriers to the growth of PV technology. A detailed PEST analysis and cost analysis for the commercialization of PV technology compliments this overview. The report also includes an in-depth analysis of leading players, countries as well as companies, and several case studies. The Market for Solar Photovoltaic provides a comprehensive assessment of the state of solar photovoltaic technology and the potential for this market.

Key Topics Covered:

Executive Summary

Case for Solar Photovoltaics

Global GHG Emission and Its Impact

Introduction to Solar Photovoltaics

Types of Solar Photovoltaic Cells

Solar Photovoltaic Market Overview

Current Market Size

Market Development and Commercialization

Implementation of Photovoltaic Systems

Key Application Areas

Global Solar Photovoltaic Installation

Research and Development Initiatives

Photovoltaic Cell and Module Production

Major Trends in Solar PV Technologies

Increased Usage for Rooftop Systems

Increased Grid Connected PV Capacity

Emergence as a Non Competitive Technology

Growing Popularity of Standalone Systems

Downward System Prices

Mixed Response to Technology

Challenges and Barriers

High Financing Costs

High Transaction Costs

Lack of Big Players

Lack of Customer Awareness

Split Incentives

Lack of Public Interest in Renewables

Shortage of Manufacturing Infrastructure

Institutional Barriers

Inadequate R&D Initiatives

PEST Analysis

Political Factors

Economic Factors

Social Factors

Technological Factors

Economics of Solar Photovoltaic


Photovoltaic System Price Trends

The High Cost of PV Modules

Transmission Costs

Regional Assessments






United States

Major Players - Company Profiles

Market Outlook

Case Studies

Olympic Village, Sydney, Australia

Mississauga House, Canada

The Centre for Sustainable Living, Toronto, Canada

Neubau Fraunhofer ISE, Freiburg, Germany

Tokyo Building of NTT Do Co Mo, Tokyo, Japan

SBIC East Head Office Bldg. PV Field Test, Japan

Appendix I - Installed Capacity

Appendix II - Solar PV Manufacturers

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