June 18, 2008

Chilean Specialty Food Products Garner Attention on the Most Prominent of U.S. Culinary Stages

NEW YORK, June 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Chilean specialty food products are captivating U.S. consumers and food industry professionals with exotic flavors reflective of the country's unique terroir. ProChile New York, the Trade Commission of Chile, has embarked on a mission to introduce Chile's highest quality gourmet products and premium wines to discerning consumers in New York as well as to the U.S. food trade through a series of tasting opportunities, educational seminars, restaurant promotions, and live cooking demonstrations. Events include a Flavors of Chile dinner at the James Beard Foundation featuring acclaimed Chilean chef Pilar Rodriguez, significant presence at the Summer Fancy Food Show, and the launch of the Flavors of Chile Restaurant Week program, the first on-premise promotion dedicated to Chilean foods in New York.

"We are thrilled at the opportunity to present Chile's most authentic flavors at some of the leading gastronomic events in the United States," said Trade Commissioner Alejandro Cerda of ProChile New York. "Through our activities in New York, we hope to encourage US chefs and food buyers to incorporate Chile's pristine food products into their menus and portfolios."

As Latin and South American food products continue to ride the wave of success into 2008, Chile is poised to deliver with a variety of unique and ecologically sustainable food products. Chile is one of the fastest growing food-exporters in the world. Currently ranked 17th amongst the world's leading food exporting countries, Chile has become a major player in the global food arena. Chile supplies more than 150 countries around the world with fresh and processed foods and beverages including fruits, vegetables, seafood, wine, meat and poultry, dairy products, olive and avocado oils, and other specialty items. At its current growth rate, Chile will be among the top 10 food exporters in the world by 2010.

Flavors of Chile Dinner at The James Beard Foundation

On May 21st, 2008 ProChile partnered with the James Beard Foundation to host an elaborate Chilean food and wine pairing dinner designed and prepared by Chilean chef Pilar Rodriguez at the historic James Beard House. Chef Rodriguez is renowned in Chile for creating dazzling wine-pairing menus inspired by the country's rich viticultural heritage and distinct local ingredients. A 7-course tasting menu highlighted Chile's most distinctive food products, including merken (a Mapuche spice blend made from native smoked Cacho de Cabra chiles), ulmo honey, carica (an exotic Chilean fruit), infused wine vinegars, extra virgin olive and avocado oils, and top quality seafood products.

Chef Rodriguez selected some of Chile's most celebrated wines from the following wineries to pair with each of her signature courses: Aquitania, Casa Lapostolle, Casa Silva, Cono Sur, Haras De Pirque, Kingston Family Vineyards, Matetic, Montes, Undurraga, and Viu Manent.

The dinner at the James Beard Foundation was the first of several culinary initiatives ProChile is launching this year to increase visibility for Chilean gourmet food products in the United States. The dinner served as a media preview for Chile's involvement in the Summer Fancy Food Show as well as the inaugural Flavors of Chile Restaurant Week that will take place at the end of June 2008.

Chile at the Summer Fancy Food Show

For the seventh year in a row, ProChile will participate in the 54th annual NASFT Summer Fancy Food Show in New York from June 29 - July 1, 2008 at the Jacob Javits Center. This year, The Chilean Pavilion will host 27 specialty food companies and a number of national food associations, showcasing products such as extra virgin olive and avocado oils, seafood products, sea salt and spices, fruit preserves, specialty honeys, and premium wines. For more information on the companies participating at the event please visit: http://www.specialtyfood.com/chile

A special Flavors of Chile reception featuring unique dishes by Chef Pilar Rodriguez will be held at the Chilean Pavilion each day of the show. Chef Rodriguez will be conducting live cooking demonstrations during the receptions to display modern and creative ways to use Chile's most distinguished food products.

   Reception hours:    Sunday June 29th, from 12:30 - 2:30 pm   Monday June 30th, from 12:30 - 2:30 pm   Tuesday July 1st, from 11:00 - 1:00 pm   

For more information on the reception tastings please visit: http://www.prochile.us/tastings

In addition, ProChile will be sponsoring a unique tasting seminar at the Fancy Food Show on Monday June 30th from 10:00 - 11:30 am entitled "Foods & Wine That We Adore: Tantalizing Flavors of Chile." The seminar will be led by Michael Green, the Wine & Spirits Consultant to Gourmet magazine, and Chef Pilar Rodriguez, and will explore the unique history behind a series of specialty food products from Chile. Chef Rodriguez will present creative applications and uses for the products that will be tasted during the seminar, including merken, ulmo honey, carica, infused wine vinegars, extra virgin olive and avocado oils, and others. Tickets to the seminar are available for purchase in advance on the NASFT website: http://www.specialtyfood.com/do/fancyFoodShow/EducationalPrograms or in person at the show.

Flavors of Chile Restaurant Week

During the week of the Fancy Food Show, ProChile will be launching the first annual Flavors of Chile Restaurant Week to promote Chile's unique cuisine and gourmet food products to patrons of New York and New Jersey's top restaurants. From June 29th-July 6th, 2008 four acclaimed restaurants will create original tasting menus spotlighting gourmet Chilean ingredients such as Chilean salmon, carica, merken, extra virgin olive and avocado oils, Chilean farmstead cheeses, ulmo honey, Chilean razor clams, fruit preserves, and infused wine vinegars, among others.

   Participating restaurants include:    2 West at The Ritz-Carlton, Battery Park   2 West St.   NY, NY 10004   (212) 344-0800    Nova Terra   78 Albany St.   New Brunswick, NJ 08901   (732) 296-1600    Paris Commune   99 Bank St.   NY, NY 10014   (212) 929-0509    Pomaire   371 W 46th St.   NY, NY 10036   (212) 956-3055   

For more information on Flavors of Chile Restaurant Week, please visit: http://www.prochile.us/flavors

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