June 18, 2008

Serbian Telecommunications Body Sues Ministry Over Takeover of Authorities

Text of report by Serbian private independent news agency FoNet

Belgrade, 18 June: The Republican [Serbian] Telecommunications Agency (RATEL) today said that it had filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court of Serbia against the Ministry of Telecommunications over a ruling by which the ministry was taking over RATEL's authorities [over alleged unlawful allocation of mobile code to Norwegian Telenor's Serbian subsidiary], including all authorities exercised by the RATEL chairman and members of the body's managing committee.

The Republican Telecommunications Agency demanded of the Serbian government to postpone the execution of the aforementioned ruling until the court makes a final decision.

A statement by RATEL said that the Ministry for Telecommunications had acted unlawfully, exceeding its authorities and thereby inflicting huge damage to the Agency, which was not confined the country alone as the Agency was also building its reputation in the region and in the EU. The RATEL statement added that the damage was also cause within the framework of international organizations dealing with telecommunications whose full member RATEL is.

Originally published by FoNet news agency, Belgrade, in Serbian 1107 18 Jun 08.

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