June 19, 2008

Red Wings Airlines to Use CRS Sirena for Processing Ticket Sales

Ultitek, a provider of computerized airline reservations systems software, has announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, TAIS, has entered into an agreement with Red Wings Airlines, to process ticket sales on its regular flights using Ultitek's CRS Sirena 2.3 system.

In addition, the contract allows Red Wings Airlines to utilize TAIS's Regina DCS (departure control system). The use of Regina DCS allows Red Wings Airlines to check-in passengers on multiple airlines, including multiple airports.

Red Wings plans to increase the proportion of scheduled flights in relation to its charter flight business. Ultitek's computerized airline reservations systems (CRS) software is a major factor in the implementation of these plans. Red Wings will also utilize Ultitek's e-ticketing capability in time for the summer tourist season.

Roman Price, CEO of Ultitek, said: "We are happy to include Red Wings Airlines in our family of customers. We are particularly gratified that we service another airline that will fly beyond the borders of the former Soviet Union."