June 19, 2008

Toronto Airport Slashes Cargo Fees

Cargo landing fees at Toronto's Lester B. Pearson International Airport will be cut by 25 percent on Jan. 1, the facility's operator announced Thursday.

The Greater Toronto Airports Authority said in a statement the goal was to enhance competitiveness with other airports in the region and to decrease truck traffic.

The statement claimed as many as 40,000 trucks would no longer be needed to travel through the area to such places as New York and Chicago if more air carriers took advantage of the lower rates.

There were no plans to lower passenger landing fees, the authority said.

Both passenger and cargo planes pay $34 per ton to land at Pearson and the cut will set the cargo rate at $25.50 per ton, The Financial Post said. Some 45 miles west at Hamilton International Airport, it costs about $10.61 a ton for both passenger and cargo planes, the Post said.

About 5 percent of Toronto's traffic consists of cargo flights, which is more than 45 percent of Canada's air cargo, authority said.