June 20, 2008

easyJet to Use Lido OC for Flight Route Planning

Lufthansa Systems, an IT service provider for the airline industry, has announced that easyJet will begin using its Lido Operations Center solution to plan all of its flight routings, beginning in October 2008.

The Lido Operations Center (Lido OC) flight planning solution is expected to enable the airline to optimize its flight routings, reduce fuel consumption and deliver significant cost-savings by taking in to account traffic flow restrictions; saving dispatchers time and effort by automatically checking the regulations for each route; and taking in to account current weather conditions, flight time, fuel efficiency, and costs in order to plan the best route.

Cor Vrieswijk, operations director at easyJet, said: "We chose Lido OC and the TFR module because it will help us optimize the routes operated by our modern, economical fleet and create an efficient, dynamic flight planning process, which will reduce costs."