June 21, 2008

Floods May Push Food Prices Higher

Severe flooding in the midwestern United States is expected to impact global food prices, agriculturists say.

The floods have left 24 people dead and caused billions of dollars in damages since they started in late May, The Daily Telegraph reported Saturday.

If the floods don't go away, nothing will get planted and it's getting very late. Anything that's growing is stunted. Normally it's chest-high at this time of year. Now, it's 5 inches, Iowa farmer Donnie Miller said of his corn and soy bean crops.

This year's chilly spring and intense rains were worrying farmers prior to when the Mississippi River burst its banks, the newspaper said.

Farmers predict corn, soy bean and rice crops will be seriously impacted by the rains and flooding.

Flooding in Iowa, Illinois and Missouri could result in 5 million acres of farms being destroyed, agriculturists say.