June 23, 2008

BSK & TECH Announces Initial $1.8M 3-D Chip Order With LCD Panel Supplier KDC

BSK and Technologies (OTC:BSKT) announced today that the company has received an initial purchase order for its stereoscopic 3-D chips from Korean Digital Communications Corp (KDC) for cell phones.

The initial contract from KDC will supply Boda Electronics with 600,000 3D chips for the LCD panels wherein the proprietary 3D chips are integrated for applications on mobile phones. The initial 600,000 chip order represents apx. $1.8 M and will deliver 15,000 chips forthwith. These stereoscopic 3-D chips are priced at $5 however in larger runs average apx. $3 per chip.

In addition to the KDC initial purchase order, sales orders of around 2 million units are anticipated in the near term from other companies requiring the stereoscopic 3D image processing chips. The subsequent orders would bring total sales estimated to be $6 million (US) in this very early stage of marketing and initial introduction to the market this quarter.

The advanced construction of the 3D chips is a breakthrough in modern technology and future prospects from related industry companies are increasingly likely. The 3-D chip set market is only one component of BSK's product line up and we invite you to see our entire product lineup on our website, www.bskntech.com.

It should be noted that the global market for various displays is significant considering the sheer number of LCD displays used in cell phones, PC computers, home entertainment, laptops, PMP's etc. Each of these disparate mediums employ various forms of entertainment and other media that will benefit from the introduction of 3-D capability and display without glasses on their LCD displays.

Praotech Co. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of BSK&Tech Inc. received the purchase order. Praotech acquired the exclusive rights to the stereoscopic 3D image processing chip technology from the R&D company, Master Image Co. Ltd.

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