June 24, 2008

Ze-Gen, Inc. Presents High Quality Synthesis Gas Results

Ze-gen, Inc., a clean energy company providing advanced gasification technology to convert waste streams into synthesis gas and low emissions electrical energy, has reported preliminary synthesis gas data from its demonstration facility that confirms the company's models and expectations.

Ze-gen's Senior Vice President of Engineering, Scott Fraser, delivered a presentation entitled "Update on Ze-gen's Proof of Concept Gasification Plant" to the 16th North American Waste to Energy Conference (NAWTEC) in Philadelphia, PA on May 19, 2008. Mr. Fraser reported that Ze-gen's advanced gasification facility, located in New Bedford, Massachusetts, is consistently producing synthesis gas yields with a combined carbon monoxide and hydrogen content exceeding 70%. This high quality synthesis gas is suitable for a variety of renewable energy uses: it is able to replace natural gas or residual oil for industrial burner use, including boilers; it can be used to generate renewable electricity; and it is of a high enough quality to be processed into liquid fuels such as biodiesel.

Bill Davis, President & CEO of Ze-gen, says, "Our positive test results are arriving at a time when fossil fuel prices are reaching historical record levels, and this offers one more renewable energy source to meet the energy requirements of the country." The United States Department of Agriculture and the Department of Energy have jointly estimated that the biomass potential of the US exceeds 1.3 billion tons per year, which represents an enormous domestic renewable resource that is currently underutilized as an energy supply.

About Ze-gen, Inc:

Ze-gen, Inc. is a Boston-based renewable energy company that is emerging as a leader in the development of advanced gasification technology for converting wood debris and other solid waste streams into a synthesis gas (syngas) mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen gas. This syngas is a renewable fuel which can be used to offset the consumption of fossil fuels in conventional power and industrial boiler facilities. Ze-gen is currently operating a commercial scale demonstration gasification facility in New Bedford, Massachusetts. This facility has been proving, since October 2007, the efficiencies and commercial viability of gasification as a sensible alternative to both land filling & incineration of municipal wood waste streams and as a renewable alternative to fossil fuel-based energy generation. For more information and to watch a recent Ze-gen feature on the Science Channel, visit www.ze-gen.com.