June 24, 2008

Namasco Generates Significant Savings and Time Reduction With ORTEC’s Vehicle Routing and Dispatch Suite

ORTEC announces that Namasco Corporation is now live with ORTEC's Vehicle Routing and Dispatch solution suite at their Austin branch located in Buda, Texas. This is the first of 15 branches within Namasco's implementation plan. ORTEC's solution, Shortrec, will be implemented across the US in all branches. This solution will cover 180 trucks that deliver steel in various regional areas. Planned implementation will be completed in all branches by September 1, 2008. ORTEC's solution is fully integrated with Steel II, Namasco's in-house ERP system. Shortrec will enhance Steel II capabilities by optimizing Namasco's delivery routes. In addition to savings generated by mileage reduction, the time and effort by local dispatchers/load planners is greatly reduced.

Namasco's Director of Technical Services, Len Stark, notes "We at Namasco are pleased with our partnership with ORTEC. Optimized routes will not only reduce our fleet operating costs, but will also improve customer service by making planned delivery time expectations available for each customer order. With dramatically rising costs to operate our private fleet, it is critical that we learn to manage that resource and cost center, as we do all other aspects of our business."

"Through their branch network, Namasco delivers steel to a diverse customer base," says Ray Penn, Senior Project Manager at ORTEC. "The challenge is to insure delivery the next day. Given that the demand for steel varies day-to-day, it is difficult to manually plan loads in a timely manner. Shortrec meets the challenge of processing in a timely manner all orders taken through the end of the day. Deliveries are optimized in a matter of minutes versus manually attempting to determine the 'best route'. ORTEC's solution has greatly reduced the time involved in planning. In addition the goal for this project was to reduce the number of miles driven and number of hours needed to accomplish delivery. Shortrec has met these goals and given the rising price of fuel the reduction in mileage will greatly improve the ROI."

About Namasco

Namasco USA is subsidiary of Klockner & Co. AG of Duisburg, Germany, and is a member of an organization long recognized as the largest independent steel and metal distributor by turnover in North America and Europe. Namasco Corporation is comprised of three organizations, Namasco Corporation, Primary Steel, and Temtco Steel. Namasco's operations service the requirements of a wide array of accounts throughout the U.S. For more information, go to www.namasco.com.


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