June 24, 2008

Need A Source Climate Change and Wind Power

Attention: Environment Editors

Today at the opening of the World Wind Energy Conference in Kingston, Ontario, New World Generation Inc. released field data on a new wind turbine technology that will make wind power more economically viable and commercially attractive.

And today is 20 years to the day after climatologist James Hansen first warned the world about climate change. Hansen is now warning that the world may be reaching its "tipping point" unless more action is taken to curb and reduce carbon dioxide "greenhouse gas" emissions.

Paula Mayor of New World Generation is available today for on-site interviews at the WWEC in Kingston, or via telephone. Ms. Mayor can speak to a variety of topics on wind energy including:

- Why wind energy is needed now to help address climate change

- The viability of utility-scale wind turbines

- The economic benefits of wind power

- Opportunities for large and small-scale power generation

For further information on New World Generation's field study or company information, visit www.newworld-generation.com.

 Contacts: New World Generation Paula Mayor (304) 376-0829 Email: [email protected] Website: www.newworld-generation.com

SOURCE: New World Generation Inc. and CWIND