June 25, 2008

Service System to Help MAS Save RM100m a Year

By Jeeva Arulampalam

MALAYSIA Airlines' (MAS) passenger service system will be fully implemented by October 2009, simplifying passenger travel from booking to boarding a flight.

With an investment of RM400 million for a system to be used till 2017, MAS hopes to save RM100 million per annum in return.

By moving to electronic-ticketing (e-ticketing) at a 97 per cent conversion rate currently, MAS is able to save RM70 million per annum.

On top of the e-ticketing process, passengers can chose to check- in via the Web or kiosk facilities, currently only found in the KL International Airport (KLIA).

"About 20 per cent of domestic travellers out of the KLIA are being served by the kiosk facilities," MAS senior general manager for transition management Dr Amin Khan said at a media briefing yesterday in Kuala Lumpur.

The aim is to double the figure so that there will be less traffic at check-in counters.

Dr Amin added that passengers can now chose their seats when booking flights via the Virtual Cabin feature on MAS' website

The passenger service system also minimises revenue leakage by RM10 million as it ensures that every booking produces an actual passenger upon departure.

MAS has also completed 78 out of the 106 interline e-ticketing agreements with other carriers, which allow customers to check-in to their final destinations with just one ticket although they have to fly with different airlines on different legs of their journey.

"About eight per cent of our revenue is from interlining airlines, with the 106 airlines contributing 99 per cent of it," he said.

Moving into Phase Two of the passenger service system implementation, MAS will provide an airline-to-agent service, permitting travel agents to access zero-fare tickets and sell them to their customers.

It will also introduce on its website a "flight shop" option for business travellers and a "calendar shop" option for leisure booking.

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