June 26, 2008

Zero Energy Home Specification Service Provides a Market Differentiator for Builders

ZeroEnergy Design, an architectural design and mechanical engineering firm, offers services to differentiate builders during the current real estate market. The firm helps builders to achieve net-zero energy performance for new residential construction projects in any location in the United States.

Zero energy homes produce as much power as they use over the course of a year. Depending on local net metering laws, homeowners often benefit with low or no utility bills on an annual basis. During a sluggish real estate market and with increasing energy prices, a zero energy home provides homeowners an attractive option typically unavailable in most markets.

The Energy Design service offered by the firm provides builders with an objective third party opinion on which improvements match their energy efficiency goals. The process requires builders to submit plans and specifications for their construction project. With this information, ZeroEnergy Design constructs a detailed energy model and delivers a tailored report containing recommended improvements specific to their design and location.

"Achieving zero energy performance is challenging to accomplish in a cost effective manner. Our firm leverages internal expertise with energy modeling, green home design, and mechanical engineering to make custom recommendations for each builder's design, individual situation, location, and priorities," said Jordan Goldman, Co-Founder and Engineering Principal.

The recommendations address improvements to the passive elements of a home such as construction systems, windows, insulation, orientation, and shading. Efficiency of active systems is also recommended and specified, including heating, cooling, hot water, lighting, appliances, and ventilation. Finally, renewable energy systems, such as solar electric, are specified to produce as much energy as the home consumes. Recommendations are customized for the design submitted by the builder, the site plan, the builder's priorities, and the local climate.

"For the typical homebuyer, the appeal of a green home is magnified when they hear it will produce as much energy as it uses. As energy prices rise, we anticipate a continuing increase in demand for zero energy homes," said Goldman.

About ZeroEnergy Design:

ZeroEnergy Design is a professional services firm providing Custom Home Design and Energy Design services for residential new construction across the United States. The unique collaboration between in-house architectural designers, mechanical engineers, and financial analysts drives a competitive advantage and enables the firm to deliver fully integrated design for high performance homes. Find out more at http://www.ZeroEnergy.com.