June 30, 2008

TAM to Launch Direct Flight Between Cabo Frio and Buenos Aires

Brazilian airline TAM has announced that it will launch a weekly direct flight between the cities of Cabo Frio, in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro, and Buenos Aires, Argentina, between July 5, 2008 and August 9, 2008.

The new service will be offered using the Airbus A320 aircraft, which has a capacity of up to 174 passengers. The airline currently operates 49 regular weekly flights to Buenos Aires, with departures from Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Florianopolis, Fortaleza, Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Sao Paulo.

The airline said that it will be offering extra flights to Buenos Aires, with departures from Porto Seguro, Recife, Salvador, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to meet demand during the high traffic season, from June 19, 2008, to August 10, 2008. The company will also offer direct flights from Sao Paulo to Bariloche, Argentina, from July 3, 2008 to August 10, 2008.