June 30, 2008

SAND Technology Announces Third Quarter Results

MONTREAL, June 30 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- SAND Technology Inc. (BULLETIN BOARD: SNDTF) , an international provider of intelligent enterprise information management software, today reported results for the nine-month period ended April 30, 2008. The Company reported a net income for the third quarter of fiscal year 2008 of $8,441 on revenues of $1,905,984 compared with a net loss of $753,440 on revenues of $1,559,407 for the third quarter of fiscal year 2007.

"SAND is delighted to report that the company has had a profitable third quarter. The improvement in our net results in comparison to the same period last year reflects the changes we have made to the company to position it for growth in the years ahead," said Arthur Ritchie, President and Chief Executive Officer of SAND. "With the new array of functionality introduced in our product line, we are anticipating increased market interest in our SAND/DNA products, including the new SAND/DNA for SAP BI offering. We are particularly encouraged by the signing of Procter and Gamble for our SAND/DNA for SAP BI product, and the recent multi-million dollar contracts signed in the Financial Services sector. Also, we have been notified that SAND/DNA is one of the software components included in a very large award that has been granted to one of the world's largest Systems Integrators for a solution to be installed in US government organizations over the next decade," Mr. Ritchie added. "We are optimistic that the continued growth of our global partner ecosystem, along with more aggressive marketing efforts including participation in events such as SAP Sapphire with Sun, TDWI, Storage Expo with Sun, and various webinars and seminars with other partners such as SAP, HP, Cap Gemini, and Sapient, will help us to realize our potential," he concluded.

About SAND Technology

SAND is an international provider of intelligent information management software. The SAND/DNA product suite scales to help any size enterprise cope with exploding data requirements, now and into the future. SAND/DNA Access allows for retaining all potentially relevant data in a tiny footprint while providing instant access to just what's required. SAND/DNA Analytics allows for complex what-if analysis to meet any planned and unplanned business need.

SAND/DNA solutions include CRM analytics, and specialized applications for government, healthcare, financial services, telecommunications, retail, transportation, and other business sectors. SAND/DNA has achieved "Certified for SAP NetWeaver" status and SAND Nearline Integration Controller has achieved "Powered by SAP NetWeaver" status.

SAND Technology has offices in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Central Europe.

SAND Technology, Nucleus, N-Vector, and MPSO are registered trademarks, and SAND/DNA, SAND/DNA Access, SAND/DNA Analytics, SAND/DNA aCRM, SAND Analytic Server, SAND Searchable Archive, SAND Extensible Warehouse, and all related SAND-, SAND/DNA, and Nucleus-based marks and designs, are trademarks of SAND Technology Inc. Other trademarks remain the property of their respective owners.

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                            SAND TECHNOLOGY INC.    Consolidated Balance Sheet   (Unaudited)                                                     IN CANADIAN DOLLARS                                                    As at           As at                                               Apr 30, 2008    July 31, 2007   Assets   Current Assets     Cash and cash equivalents                  $1,434,056       $330,711     Accounts Receivable, Net                   $1,368,827     $1,582,957     Unbilled receivables                         $245,184             $-     Prepaid Expenses                             $120,519       $150,964                                                $3,168,586     $2,064,632    Capital Assets, Net                            $128,492       $181,669   Other Assets, Net                               $27,712       $110,847                                                $3,324,790     $2,357,148    Liabilities   Current Liabilities     Accounts Payable and Accrued               $1,202,295     $1,076,116   Liabilities     Deferred Revenue                           $1,500,687     $1,305,270     Due to Shareholder                         $1,196,195       $750,144     Deferred Credits                              $85,567       $107,569                                                $3,984,744     $3,239,099   Long term Liabilities     Convertible Debentures                       $461,781             $-    Shareholders' deficiency     Common Stock                              $38,530,441    $38,530,441     Equity component of convertible      debentures                                  $548,038             $-     Contributed Surplus                          $305,110       $305,110     Deficit                                  $(40,505,324)   $(39,717,50)                                               ($1,121,735)     $(881,951)                                                $3,324,790     $2,357,148                               SAND TECHNOLOGY INC.    Consolidated Statement of Operations   (Unaudited)                                           IN CANADIAN DOLLARS                          3 Months      9 Months      3 Months     9 Months                          Ended         Ended         Ended        Ended                      Apr. 30, 2008 Apr. 30, 2008 Apr. 30, 2007 Apr. 30, 2007    Revenues            $1,905,984    $5,110,430    $1,559,407    $4,891,472    Operating expenses   Cost of Sales and    Product Support     $(333,900)  $(1,133,254)    $(398,322)  $(1,298,312)   Research and    Development Costs   $(355,133)  $(1,445,810)    $(598,337)  $(1,758,289)   Amortization of    capital assets and    acquired technology  $(46,147)    $(141,907)     $(49,296)    $(151,165)   Selling, general and    administrative    expenses          $(1,105,980)  $(3,025,993)  $(1,227,570)  $(3,722,920)    Total operating    expense           $(1,841,160)  $(5,746,964)  $(2,273,525)  $(6,930,686)    Operating Income    (Loss)                $64,824     $(636,534)    $(714,118)  $(2,039,214)    Interest Income,    Net                  $(56,383)    $(151,288)     $(39,322)     $(39,853)    Net Earnings (Loss)     $8,441     $(787,822)    $(753,440)  $(2,079,067)    Earnings (Loss)    per share               $0.00        ($0.06)       ($0.06)       ($0.16)    Weighted average    number of shares    outstanding        14,318,189    14,318,189    12,818,189    12,818,189  

SAND Technology Inc.

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