July 1, 2008

Fliers Left Sweating As IGI AC Units Trip

NEW DELHI: Passengers at the international terminal of the IGI Airport had a harrowing time on Friday night after the air- conditioning at the departure side stopped working.

With the heat becoming unbearable during the peak hours for international departures, the management had to resort to using pedestal fans.

According to sources, the airconditioning units failed at around 11 pm and could not be restored till the early hours of the morning.

"The airport was extremely crowded during those hours. It had become quiet uncomfortable for the passengers and standing in the long immigration queues was another hassle for them. We got several complaints about the situation but there was nothing that we could do. Complaining to the management did no good either since they were not able to rectify the problem," said an airline official.

With nobody available to fix the air-conditioning, Delhi International Airport (P) Ltd (DIAL) officials resorted to putting up pedestal fans but they were not sufficient and several passengers were seen sitting around fanning themselves. This state of affairs was confirmed by officials of several agencies but when contacted, DIAL officials denied that there was any problem with the air- conditioning.

Sources also added that the air-conditioning at the domestic terminal also failed for a short while on Saturday. "This has become a common feature here. The air-conditioning at the international terminal fails frequently and it is highly embarrassing when foreign passengers snigger about the abysmal state at the airport," said sources within the airport.

On the other hand, airconditioning at the international departure was so strong on Saturday evening, that personnel working inside had to wear woollen clothes.

"It is impossible to understand why the temperature cannot be regulated, considering that the infrastructure is actually being upgraded. One day it stops working completely and the other day it is so cold that it is difficult to work. Complaining to the management makes absolutely no difference," said sources.

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