July 1, 2008

SAS Global Oil and Gas Business Unit Helps Companies Integrate Planning, Improve Asset Use

SAS, the leading provider of business intelligence and analytic software and services, has created a Global Oil and Gas Business Unit dedicated to the advanced technology needs of the worldwide energy industry. With society's ever-increasing need for energy, SAS(R) helps oil and gas customers manage new and existing reserves, maximize production capacity and prepare for talent shortfalls in the industry.

"With energy demand surging worldwide, oil and gas companies face daunting challenges daily," said Frank Mollerop, Vice President of the SAS Global Oil and Gas Business Unit. "SAS has worked with oil and gas customers for more than 20 years, and we believe they are anxious to enhance global performance. This industry generates mountains of valuable data that - if analyzed and leveraged correctly - could make a significant difference in efficiency and profits. The time has never been better for SAS, as a trusted partner, to help assure that the world's energy supply is discovered, developed and delivered in the safest, most productive way possible."

The SAS Global Oil and Gas Business Unit comprises domain-savvy staff members from around the world who specialize in optimizing performance for upstream and downstream customers. SAS helps oil and gas customers maintain predictable business processes and a stable business model. Current customers include:

-- ConocoPhillips Norway - SAS Strategic Performance Management software helps the company make better decisions and control costs.

-- Petrobras - SAS helps the Brazilian energy giant sort through mountains of data to make better, more profitable decisions.

To learn more about SAS' work inside the oil and gas industry, please visit SAS(R) Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry or call Frank Mollerop at + 47 23 08 30 50.

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