July 1, 2008

Arup Proposes Eurostar Rail Link Connection Towards Heathrow

By Shiel, Vicki

The Eurostar high-speed rail network could be extended to Heathrow Airport under proposals released by Arup. The consultancy argues that the connection would improve access, add capacity and tackle environmental issues at the airport. The proposal is the result of three years of research.

The network currently terminates at King's Cross St Paneras in central London. The connection would boost train services on the Great Western Main Line. It would make the airport more accessible to the west and southwest of the country as well as improving links to the Midlands and Wales.

Arup has pinpointed a site for the rail terminal 3km north of the airport's Terminal 5 building. Heathrow owner BAA strategy director Mike Forster said the rail link would complement plans for a third runway and it looks forward to working with the consultancy to develop the proposal.

An Arup spokeswoman said the proposal is not dependent on a third runway winning the go-ahead. But it takes into account the projected rise in passenger numbers based on the plans. She added that BAA is an important long-standing client.

Eurostar: proposal for connection with Heathrow Airport

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