July 1, 2008

Jury’s Still Out on Cost of Shale Processing

By Mike Rudeen

In a recent question about the price of oil, Jack also asked how much it would cost today to produce a barrel of oil from oil shale.

I asked Shell Oil Co., one of the big players researching the recovery of oil from oil shale, what a barrel would cost. It's too early in the research-and-development process to project the cost of commercially producing a barrel of oil from shale, which exists in abundance in Colorado, said Shell spokeswoman Robin Lebovitz.

"That said, we believe that the current price environment is more than adequate to support economically viable development of oil- shale resources in the U.S.," Lebovitz added.

Try this one:

I once saw in an airline catalog an ad for a coin or medallion that had "do right and fear no man" as a motto. Any idea who said that and how I could get hold of one of those coins? - Bob

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Originally published by Mike Rudeen, Rocky Mountain News.

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