July 1, 2008

Nuon, Ymere Commence Decentralized Generation Pilot Program

Dutch electricity utility Nuon has installed the first of the 20 new-generation high-efficiency boilers in an Amsterdam apartment owned by the Ymere housing association, in a pilot program to produce both heat and electricity, and yield substantial energy savings through decentralized generation.

This boiler installation is part of an extensive field test designed to optimize the performance of these new-generation boilers. The test will last for at least a year. Throughout this period, Nuon will closely monitor the heat and electricity generated by the boiler.

Although the boiler uses slightly more gas, on average E180 more per year, than other boilers, it generates around E500 of electricity a year. Nuon said that this is expected to help in the process of decentralizing the production of energy.

The field test is reportedly the final step in the development of the boiler, which will be launched in late 2009 as the successor to the boilers currently used. The utility has forecasted that by 2010 around 10,000 Dutch households will use the new-generation high-efficiency boiler to generate heat and electricity.