July 1, 2008

China Stocks That Defy Bear Market

NEW YORK, July 1, 2008 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- Asian stock markets have suffered alongside their Western counterparts, but investors like Robert Hsu, editor of the China Strategy newsletter, are still finding opportunities out there. "In this type of environment, it's more important than ever to pick good stocks," he recently told Wall Street Reporter.

In fact, three of the four stocks Hsu recommends are up (by as much as 40%) and the other is flat: fairly impressive, considering the red ink still swimming around the globe. The key is the rise of the Chinese middle class, which has unlocked explosive gains for education vendors like New Oriental Education (NYSE:EDU) and healthcare device makers like Mindray Medical (NYSE:MR).

For more on Hsu's case for EDU and MR, along with other opportunities he's uncovering throughout East Asia, investors can listen to his exclusive commentary at www.WallStreetReporter.com.

The middle class has also been a major driver of China's recent appetite for electricity, and as pressure to augment dirty coal-burning plants with more environmentally friendly alternatives grows, "green" electricity projects like the hydro plants planned by China Holdings Inc. (OTCBB:CHHL) may unlock enormous profits of their own.

"The advantage on the hydro project is it has very high margin net income," CEO Julianna Lu told Wall Street Reporter in a recent interview. "The net income can be as high as up to 85% to 90% of the total gross revenue."

Highlights of the interview:

    * Progress toward CHHL's goal of building its hydro generation    capacity to 1.6 gigawatts (1,600 megawatts) over the next five    years.   * A timetable toward profitability on the company's initial hydro    assets, along with plans for a separate renewable energy IPO.   * Detail on how generous Chinese government incentives will help    finance the company's ambitious biomass generation program. 

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About China Holdings Inc.

China Holdings Inc. (OTCBB:CHHL) is a development stage company with the goal of becoming a diversified global assets holding company. The company and its subsidiaries engage in multiple China-focused business activities including energy, renewable energy, resources, finance, real estate, utilities, and pharmaceuticals.

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