July 2, 2008

DSPCon Launches New Series of Flight-Capable, Wideband Data Recorders For Demanding ELINT and COMINT Applications

-BroadFlex-3800 Series Features High-Speed, High-Volume Recording at Half the Size, Cost and Power Consumption of Traditional Recorders-


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In response to customer demands for a small yet powerful, flight- capable data acquisition system with large storage capacities, DSPCon, Inc., a leading, global supplier of dynamic data acquisition, analysis, archiving and recording solutions for high- value military, aerospace and rotating machinery applications, has launched the BroadFlex-3800TM series of ELINT and COMINT data recorders.

Specifically designed with one of the smallest footprints of any fight-capable data recorder on the market today, the BroadFlex-3800 series represents an ideal, compact solution for a wide variety of airborne and shipboard applications. Capable of handling a broad range of intermediate frequency (IF) and radar signals at high speeds and high volume, the BroadFlex-3800 can accommodate up to 32 intermediate frequency analog signals which can be recorded to two, high-density, ultra-compact JBOD storage units. Post flight data acquisition download of stored data is also easily accomplished due to a powerful, PC-based analyzer that allows the operator to search for and selectively archive data.

"Half the size...half the cost...half the power consumption - those were the design principles that guided our development of this next generation recording solution," said Al Brower, president and chief executive officer of DSPCon, Inc. "With one of the smallest footprints of any flight-capable data recorder on the market today, along with one of the best price/performance ratios in the business, the BroadFlex-3800 is an ideal solution for UAV's, submarines, small aircraft and other airborne and shipboard applications where available real estate is at a premium

*Availability, Features and Specifications:

The new BroadFlex-3800 series is available now for immediate delivery. Attractive lease programs with flexible terms are also available.

Feature Highlights:

-- All components designed to withstand high operating altitudes

-- Remote monitoring and control via Ethernet

-- High capacity data storage in twin, compact JBOD arrays (airborne) and ground-based small RAID form factor

-- Optional storage includes 160 and 350 Gbyte disk drives

-- Half the size, cost and power consumption of traditional recorders

-- Numerous configuration and display options also available

Technical Specifications Summary:

-- 35 MHz - 125 MHz sampling rates

-- 8-32 channels of 14 bit A/Ds

-- 0[masc ordinal] C - 50[masc ordinal] C operating temperature, non-condensing

-- Up to 10 Terabytes of storage

About DSPCon:

New Jersey-based DSPCon is a leading systems integrator and full- service solution provider of high-bandwidth, high-performance data acquisition, analysis and archiving systems for governmental agencies and commercial enterprises in the military, defense, aerospace, avionics, machinery, manufacturing and telecommunications industries. Certified to ISO9001:2000 quality standards, DSPCon solutions empower organizations to streamline test and development cycles and improve operational and production efficiencies by slashing the time between data acquisition and processed analytical results.

Today, DSPCon products and services support a wide variety of mission-critical signal processing applications including acoustic, vibration, shock and rotating machinery analysis; sonar and radar processing; digital data recording and jet engine testing. With hundreds of deployed solutions and over a decade and a half of experience in digital signal processing, systems integration and software development, DSPCon continues to be at the forefront in meeting the unique data acquisition needs of world-class organizations such as Pratt & Whitney, Honeywell and General Dynamics. For additional information, please visit www.dspcon.com.

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