July 2, 2008

Cessna Goes Synthetic

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Cessna Aircraft Company will offer Garmin's G1000 Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT) on all its 61000-equipped aircraft. The Citation Mustang will be the first bizjetto integrate Garmin's SVT, and Cessna expects to offer SVT on the Caravan family and all Cessna single-engine piston aircraft in the future. In most cases, SVT will be available for retrofit in earlier-production, G1000-equipped Cessnas. Garmin's SVT brings an entirely new level of situational awareness to the cockpit by displaying the aircraft's position on an enhanced topographical database. The combination of synthetic terrain and terrain awareness and warning systems (TAWS) helps pilots identify hazards to their current flight path by displaying terrain and obstacles that pose a threat to the aircraft. For more, log on to www.garmin.com and read our review on page 76.

Maule + Forward.Vision

Maule Air has teamed with Forward.Vision to offer the EVS-100 as an option on its aircraft Theenhanced vision system (EVS) technology offers a forward-looking infrared (FLIR) camera and a headdown thin film transistor (TF) LCD that provide the pilot with real-time imaging in unclear and night conditions. Visit www.mauleairinc.com and www.forward-vision.net and read our review of the technology in the Husky A-1C on page 42.

Socata Scholarships

Two college students will have a firsthand look at EADS Socata's operations during an internship organized in cooperation with the EAA's Young Eagles program. The scholarship winners are Margaret A. Viola, of the University of Chicago, and Matthew J. Woodruff, of the Milwaukee School of Engineering. Visit www.socata.eads.net.

Tax Deductions For Donated Planes

Build A Plane, an organization that helps kids learn science, technology, engineering and math by building real airplanes, is facing a critical shortage of donated aircraft. "We've received more than 70 aircraft donations," said founder Lyn Freeman, "but we have nearly 200 schools on a waiting list." To donate an aircraft, visit www.build aplane.org.

WAHS Open For New Students!

After three successful years, Wathen Aviation High School in Riverside, Calif.-which is on the grounds of Flabob Airport, owned by the Thomas W. Wathen Foundation-is expanding to add more students. Using aviation as a way to motivate kids to learn, WAHS students also get a chance to develop hands-on skills through ongoing projects. Students are restoring a Stinson 108; a previous group restored and flew an Aeronca Champ to Oshkosh. Kids participating in reconstruction efforts earn free after-school flight lessons. Enrollment at WAHS for fall 2008 is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Get educated at www.flabob.org.

ICAS Scholarships

Applications are being accepted by the International Council of Air Shows Foundation for scholarships that help aviators begin or continue training. A complete list of scholarships, as well as applications (which are due by July 1, 2008), can be found atwww.icasfoundation.org.

A First Flight-School Mustang

Cessna delivered the first Citation Mustang to be used by a flight school to the University of North Dakota. This year marks the school's 125th anniversary and the aerospace department's 40th anniversary. UND Aerospace celebrated the anniversary and Mustang delivery in Wichita. The Mustang became the first of a new category of entry-level jets to achieve full certification from the FAA (September 2006) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (May 2007). In 2007,45 Mustangs were delivered from Cessna's Independence, Kans., facility, where 100 Mustangs are slated for delivery this year. By 2009, production should reach 150 Mustangs yearly. For more information, visit www.cessna.com and www.aero.und.edu.

Now Hiring!

Mesaba Airlines and Kansas State University have partnered to put professional-pilot students on an accelerated track to becoming flight officers. The partnership will offer student pilots who complete a

number of required courses an employment interview with Mesaba, a subsidiary of Northwest Airlines. Visitwww.mesaba.com and www.k- state.edu.

First Diesel-Powered LSA

IndUS Aviation has introduced the first diesel-powered LSA, the Thorpedo DP. A step forward in environmentally friendly aviation, the proof-ofconcept aircraft flew to Lakeland, FIa., from Dallas, Texas, where IndUS is based. "Avgas isn't available around the world like it is here in the United States, so to make general aviation accessible around the world, we need an aircraft that uses a more readily available fuel," said IndUS President Ram Pattisapu. "The reduced fuel burn over avgas makes the diesel-powered aircraft very economical to operate." The 120 hp, three-cylinder, twostroke, liquid-cooled, turbocharged engine is installed in an inverted configuration. Fuel consumption (Jet A) is 3 to 3.5 gph. If s the first ASTM-compliant diesel engine to enter the marketplace. Orders are being accepted for deliveries later this year. Estimated cost is $125,000 for anightVFR-equipped Thorpedo DP. For more, visit www.indusav.com.

Delta Connection + Embry-Riddle

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide and Delta Connection Academy formally announced a cooperative agreement to allow academy students with specific FAA licenses to apply for college credits toward a higher education degree. Both establishments will continue working together to expand the scope and availability of aviation education to students. Visit www.embryriddle.edu and www.deltaconnection academy.com.

Sport Cub On Floats

CubCrafters recently announced the certification of Baumann 1500 Straight Floats for the Sport Cub. At gross weight, the puddle jumper can take off from the water in less than eight seconds. Pricing starts at $141,500. Learn more at www.cubcrafters.com.

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