July 2, 2008

Maine PowerOptions Renews Electricity Supply Agreement With Constellation NewEnergy

Maine PowerOptions (MPO), a non-profit energy-purchasing consortium, today announced that it has renewed its service agreement with Constellation NewEnergy, a subsidiary of Constellation Energy. The consortium serves as a petroleum products and electric power aggregator for Maine's local governmental and non-profit organizations and is sponsored by the Maine Municipal Bond Bank and Maine Health and Higher Educational Facilities Authority.

"Our collaboration with Constellation NewEnergy allows us to provide value to our members," said Mary Lou Gallup, Program Officer, MPO. "As energy markets grow increasingly volatile, we're offering our members increased market education and support, as well as access to cost efficient electricity supply services."

As part of the negotiated agreement with Constellation NewEnergy, MPO members will have access to a wide array of electricity services including supply options, renewable energy solutions and demand response programs that compensate participants for using less energy when regional power grids are under stress.

Since MPO first entered into a working relationship with Constellation NewEnergy in 2000, over 340 members have signed electricity purchasing programs with Constellation NewEnergy through the MPO's Electricity Program. Constellation NewEnergy now provides more than 100 megawatts of load to members including cities, towns, schools, universities, and health care institutions.

Constellation NewEnergy is working with MPO to offer a variety of energy solutions and tools to its membership including the option to purchase Renewable Energy Certificates, participation in Demand Response programs and access to NewEnergy Online, a web based energy management tool that allows customers to access invoices, submit questions, track consumption and anticipate future costs. In the coming months, MPO and Constellation NewEnergy will be holding energy seminars around the state to discuss energy topics pertinent to today's energy climate.

"Constellation NewEnergy and MPO are committed to educating members about the energy market through seminars and tools like NewEnergy Online," said Michael Kagan, president of Constellation NewEnergy. "We look forward to beginning our series of seminars across the state to discuss with MPO members the portfolio of electricity services available to them."

Since MPO's introduction of renewable electricity products in 2003, there have been many notable milestones including the first renewable electricity supply contract signed in the state, with York Hospital. MPO continues to actively work with members including academic institutions such as University of Maine, Bates, Colby College and Unity College to meet their environmental leadership goals.