July 2, 2008

Digicel Suriname Deploys Solar Solution Powered By Ericsson

Ericsson has announced that Digicel Group, a mobile telecommunications operator in the Caribbean, has selected the company to provide energy-lean network coverage in remote areas of Suriname.

The solar solution offers the market's lowest energy consumption, helping reduce operating costs and environmental impact, and its deployment marks a first in South America.

The solution is based on Ericsson's main remote GSM base station RBS 2111, which is one in a series of energy-optimized, innovative base stations from Ericsson. It has a smaller environmental footprint than a standard base station, consuming up to 50% less energy.

As part of the agreement, Ericsson will also supply Mini-Link TN all-outdoor transmission, solar panels and battery back-up solutions. Ericsson will also be responsible for network deployment and systems integration.

Ericsson's solar radio-site solution allows autonomous sites to be deployed in remote areas that have limited access to the electricity grid. It helps reduce total cost of ownership by cutting energy-related operating and maintenance costs. It also improves the environmental performance of mobile networks.

This deployment follows a series of initiatives from Ericsson to optimize the energy efficiency of mobile networks by creating solutions that reduce environmental impact and lower operator costs.