July 3, 2008

Citi and Visa Unveil New Payment Card

Citi and Visa have launched the Citi Visa Travel Pass, a new payment card offering free flight tickets with any airline, for any destination, at any time of the year, in Italy.

With the first transaction, Citi Visa Travel Pass gives two return air tickets for a key destination in Europe; this year London, Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam or Prague.

According to the bank, Citi and Visa have partnered to offer the Italian market the first payment card allowing customers to fly whenever they want, wherever they want and with any airline with no period limitation and with flexibility and liberty of movement.

In addition, Citi Visa Travel Pass offers the cardholder free insurance package including travel warranty, protecting from unexpected travel incidents -such as luggage losses, flight delays or cancellations - and purchase protection, guaranteeing the reimbursement in case of loss or damage to the goods that have been purchased using the card.

The on-line security policy provides cover in case a product purchased on-line is damaged, incomplete or does not correspond to what is expected, and the best price warranty reimburses the price difference if purchased goods are later found at a lower price.

Davide Steffanini, general manager of Visa in Italy, said: "This card, not tied to a specific airline, is different from any other card because it allows conversion of accumulated points into flights that can be booked on all airlines in the world."

Michael Shurlin, business manager of cards at Citi in Italy, added: "Citi Visa Travel Pass is a really unique product for the Italian market, suitable for all those who love to travel. The Travel Pass reward program is extremely flexible and offers the widest freedom of choosing the trip, not tied to a particular airline or limited to a specific season."