July 3, 2008

Tokyo Electric Secures Enough Power for Summer

Tokyo, July 3 (Jiji Press)--Tokyo Electric Power Co. said Thursday it has secured enough electricity for up to 66.7 million kilowatts for the three months starting this month.

The company increased its supply capacity by boosting output at its power plants and purchasing privately generated electricity, it said.

As a result, the company is expected to have a reserve capacity to supply 5.6 million kilowatts more than its estimate for demand of 61.1 million kilowatts during the high season of August, it said.

Electricity supply is expected to be unproblematic this summer, unlike last year, when the company was about to face a supply shortage.

Tokyo Electric said the same day that its carbon dioxide emissions in fiscal 2007 totaled 126.5 million tons, up 29.6 pct from the previous year, hitting the highest level after a record high logged in fiscal 2003.

The company's CO2 emissions in fiscal 2007 increased as it ended up boosting output at its thermal power plants after it suspended operations at its Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant in Niigata Prefecture, central Japan, because of a strong earthquake that hit the region in July 2007.END

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