July 4, 2008

EDF Ready to Build New EPR Nuclear Reactor in France

EDF Group has said that it would be ready to take part in the construction of a second EPR nuclear plant in France.

This statement of the company follows an announcement by the president of France regarding the planned implementation of a second European pressurized reactor (EPR)-type nuclear reactor in France.

The company maintained that it owns a number of potential sites for the EPR. It said that it also has the necessary experience following its involvement in building the EPR installation in Flamanville (Manche).

Pierre Gadonneix, chairman and CEO of EDF Group, said: "Nuclear energy remains the lynchpin of a reliable, competitive and CO2-free electricity production system within a generation network that brings together all energy sources. The development of new means of production is a priority for the EDF Group, which is currently re-launching its investment program and intends to bring over 6,000MW on-stream by 2012."