July 4, 2008

China: Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Conducts Drill to Ensure Olympic Security

Text of report by Chinese news agency Zhongguo Xinwen She

[By reporter Guo Jun: "Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Conducts an Antiterrorism Drill"]

Guangzhou, 3 Jul (ZXS) -Today, Guangdong Airport Group conducted the "208 Baiyun Antiterrorism Drill" at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. Some 100 members of the airport's public security, operational command, security inspection, fire prevention, and first aid units and local armed police took part in the drill.

The drill began at 0930. The antiterrorism drill simulated a terrorist incident in which "terrorists" carried weapons and explosives and attacked a controlled area in the outfield of Baiyun Airport. The airport authorities promptly launched its emergency response programme and arrested the "terrorists" by means of effective measures, such as information assessment, blockade, and assault. At the same time, the authorities also rescued "injured personnel," carried out a thorough security inspection of the airport's controlled area, and detonated the explosives of the "terrorists." The drill successfully concluded around 1000.

Afterward, an evaluation team, composed of members of Guangdong Airport Group, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Co., Ltd, Antiterrorism Office of Guangzhou, Public Security Bureau of Guangzhou, Public Security Bureau of Central South Management Bureau under Civil Aviation Administration of China, and the public security bureau of the airport, commented on the drill and the performance of the participant units, in an attempt to further increase the security support capability of Baiyun Airport.

It has been learned that the objective of the drill was aimed at promoting the security support capability of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, ensuring the aviation security of the airport during the Beijing Olympic Games, and in the meantime accumulating the experience for the security work for the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games.

Originally published by Zhongguo Xinwen She news agency, Beijing, in Chinese 3 Jul 08.

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