July 5, 2008

Whittier Future in Sight

Whittier future in sight

It is with interest that I read the recent letter to the editor about drilling in the Whittier area. The principal interest of the city leaders is to provide present and future service to the citizens of the city of Whittier.

I was raised in Whittier at the time when the oil fields had very little wildlife, and they were alive with oil wells. Later, Santa Fe Springs discovered some of the most productive oil fields in California, which resulted in great benefit to the citizens of that city. The reality is we have an abundance of oil in the United States, enough to take care of all our needs.

As I understand it, Whittier is going through the environmental review process, which is estimated to take one year. If drilling for oil does not pass environmental muster, the city has indicated that there will not be drilling.

If, on the other hand, the environmental report indicates that drilling can take place without upsetting the ecology, then the city will proceed with drilling plans. There is no reason why the city should not proceed on a program to benefit the entire community and give to Whittier financial reserves that will help take care of the future inflation of capital and operating costs. I am proud to see the city thinking about the future.

Hubert C. Perry Whittier

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