July 7, 2008

Energy Department Seeks Plasma Lab Manager

The U.S. Department of Energy says it is seeking a contractor to manage and operate its Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory in Princeton, N.J.

Department officials say their Request for Proposals says the laboratory receives approximately $78 million annually from the Energy Department. The RFP marks the first competition for a contractor to run the laboratory.

Officials said the contract will have an initial five-year base term, starting about Dec. 15, with the contractor assuming full responsibility for the PPPL on or about Feb. 15, 2009. The contract is to be performance-based with a maximum annual total available fee of $1.9 million;

The laboratory is involved in fusion energy research, specializing in magnetic confinement experiments using a doughnut-shaped, reactor design.

Proposals are due by Sept. 8. Information is available at http://rfppppl.sc.energy.gov/.