July 8, 2008

G8 Leaders Agree to Hold International Energy Forum

TOYAKO. July 8 (Interfax) - The G8 leaders have backed the French president's proposal to hold an international forum on future energy technologies.

"The leaders have backed Sarkozy's proposal to gather for a forum to discuss energy technologies of the future that will gradually oust hydrocarbons from the fuel and energy balance," Russia's envoy to the G8 Alexander Pankin told a briefing on Tuesday.

"The next dialogue on the problems of energy production and consumption may take place in the United Kingdom this fall," he also said.

All G8 leaders "expressed concerns over soaring energy prices," the Russian diplomat said.

"These concerns, as well as the willingness to hold a dialogue in order to solve this problem with energy manufacturers, consumers and transit nations will be reflected in the summit's final declaration," Pankin said.

Unlike the previous G8 summits, this meeting is expected to issue just one final communique consisting of three sections - global economy, climate and the African development, the diplomat said.

Also, the leaders are expected to issue a statement on food safety and, possibly, a number of statements on other problems, he said.

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