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Analyzing the Technology of Hybrid Power Systems Utilizing Renewable Energies – Available Now

July 9, 2008

Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/d8698c/analyzing_the_tech) has announced the addition of the “Analyzing the Technology of Hybrid Power Systems Utilizing Renewable Energies” report to their offering.

Hybrid power systems are combinations of two or more energy conversion devices, or two or more fuels for the same device, that when integrated, overcome limitations that may be inherent in either.

The most common examples of hybrid power systems include:

— Wind generation combined with diesel generation

— Photovoltaic generation combined with battery storage or diesel generation

— Fuel cell generation combined with microturbine generation.

The system efficiencies of hybrid power systems are generally greater than that of the individual technologies used separately, and higher reliability can be accomplished with redundant technologies and/or energy storage.

Aruvian Research presents its research report on hybrid power systems which utilize renewable energy such as wind energy or solar photovoltaics. Analyzing the Technology of Hybrid Power Systems Utilizing Renewable Energies covers the various types of hybrid power systems using renewable energy, such as wind-diesel hybrid power systems, fuel cell-gas turbine hybrid systems, and of course, the more common solar PV hybrid power systems.

The report covers the basics of a hybrid power system, such as what the technology involves, understanding the workings of a hybrid power station, energy storage options in such types of systems, and much more.

The report covers the leading manufacturers of hybrid power systems using renewable energy such as 1stPower, Advanced Energy Systems Inc, BluWav Systems LLC, Direct Power and Water Corporation, Eaton Corporation, among others, and also researches various case studies that have successfully incorporated such hybrid power systems along with renewable energy.


 A. Executive Summary B. Introduction to Hybrid Power Systems C. Introduction to Wind-Diesel Hybrid Power Systems D. Fuel Cell/Gas Turbine Hybrid Systems E. Hybrid Power Plants in Geothermal Uses F. Solar PV Hybrid Systems G. Case Study: Analysis of a Hydro-PV-Diesel Hybrid System in Greece H. Case Study: Wind-PV-Diesel Hybrid Power Systems in Fiji & Hawaii I. Case Study: Wind-Hybrid Power System for New England Islands J. Case Study: Cape Lookout PV Hybrid Power System K. Case Study: Mt Morgan Solar Hybrid Power System L. Leading Industry Contributors M. Appendix N. Glossary of Terms  Companies Mentioned: - 1stPower - Advanced Energy Systems Inc - BluWav Systems, LLC - Direct Power and Water Corporation - Eaton Corporation - Enerex LLC - Hydro Fuel Systems - ISE Corporation - Kyocera Solar - NEST Energy Systems - New Path Renewables - Northern Power Systems - Onsite Power Systems - Orion Energy Corporation - PitchWind Systems AB - Point Power Systems - Polar Power Inc - Radiantec - Rocky Mountain Technologies - Solar Electrics - Solar Specialists - Sustainable Automation, Inc. - Tersus Navitas Laboratories - Windward Energy Company 

For more information visit http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/d8698c/analyzing_the_tech