July 9, 2008

An Analysis of the Global Unsaturated Polyester Resin Market 2008-2013: Including Trends, Forecasts and Market Opportunities

Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/444379/the_global_unsatur) has announced the addition of the "The Global Unsaturated Polyester Resin Market 2008-2013: Trends, Forecast and Opportunity Analysis" report to their offering.

The dynamics of the unsaturated polyester resin industry extend beyond routine macro-economic elements of supply and demand. It is the relationship between buyer's needs and seller's capabilities, as well as the macroeconomic forces at work that affect the market. While this report will address several issues impacting the polyester resin segment of the reinforced and non-reinforced marketplace, the primary purpose of this document is to determine the trend and forecast of the global polyester resin market.

Unsaturated polyester resins (UPR) are the most widely used resin type for composites, comprising in excess of 80% of all thermoset resins (others being epoxies, phenolics, acrylics, imides, and urethanes). Unsaturated polyester resin is the target of this market study; in particular, the focus is on the portion of polyester resins which are used in fiber-reinforced (structural) applications and those which go into nonreinforced uses such as artificial marble or onyx, polymer concrete, and gel coats.

To make any investment, business or strategic decisions, you need timely and adequate information. This market report fulfils this core need. This is an indispensable reference guide for UPR material suppliers, product manufacturers, investors, researchers, engineers, distributors and many more, who are dealing with the UPR industry. Some of the features of this market report are:

- The market size and growth rates of the global UPR industry market.

- Market for UPR used in FRP and non-FRP applications.

- UPR market breakdown by applications such as transportation, construction, consumer goods, marine, wind energy, gelcoats etc.

- UPR market breakdown by regions such as North America, Europe and ROW.

- Market outlook and global trends in automotive, marine, construction, wind energy and other market-segments.

- Requirements and challenges of various market segments.

- Market forecast in global UPR market by applications and by region.

- Driving factors for the growth in the various applications.

- A total of over 129 figures/charts and 20 tables presented in this report to help in your business plan.

The polyester resin industry is for the most part quite mature and is predominantly characterized by well known and established products, applications and processes. This report answers lot of key questions such as:

- Construction and transportation markets are important markets for the UPR industry and are being negatively affected in North America in 2007.

- The Asian UPR industry has already surpassed the US market. There is a huge growth potential for UPR in China.

- Prices have increased significantly in recent years, which are causing pressures on molders and suppliers.

- And much, much, more....

Who Can Benefit From This Report:

The study is intended for material suppliers, part fabricators, investors, executives and consultants. The multi-client market studies from us is used by small to multi-national Fortune 500 companies and utilized for a variety of reasons:

- Business development

- Strategic planning

- Business presentation

- Competitive materials analysis

- Personnel training

- Budgeting.

Key Topics Covered:

- About the UPR Industry

- Global UPR by Market

- Trends and Forecasts

- Growth Opportunities and Emerging UPR Applications

- Materials and Technology Needs for the Future Composites Industry

- List of Figures

- List of Tables

For more information visit http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/444379/the_global_unsatur