July 10, 2008

Cash4Gold Featured on Money Talks: Cash4Gold Business is Booming

Cash4Gold President, Howard Mofshin was featured in "Selling Gold Jewelry By Mail," a piece on the prestigious consumer reporting show, Money Talks with Stacy Johnson. There has been much attention paid to the precious metals industry of late, considering the soaring prices being paid for gold.

Mofshin claims that Cash4Gold, the largest gold buyer online, has seen a recent increase in the amount of people who want to trade their old jewelry and turn it into cash. Unlike traditional pawn shops and jewelry stores, Mofshin claims, "I buy jewelry from the public all over the nation."

Cash4Gold receives thousands of packages per day that are accepted at its Florida-based facility where it is processed, paid for, and eventually melted down in the company's refinery. Clearly, there is a certain need that the company is fulfilling. Their growth has been explosive - two years ago the company had fewer than 15 employees. Today it employs 135 people.

Johnson cites the current economy and the high value of gold, along with the element of anonymity as credits for the recent success. His Golden Rule for achieving a successful payout? No matter where you sell, "shop it around."

Ron West, an Investment Advisor spoke regarding the continual rise in gold and the fact that there is no sign of it going back down. "We see gold going to $1200 to $1500 an ounce," he says.

Mofshin also states that consumers should not expect the $900 per ounce that is being charged to buy gold, but most gold purchasers will pay 50-80% of the current gold "spot price," depending upon the amount being traded in.

Stacy Johnson has been a respected TV journalist for over 20 years. He is licensed as a CPA, stockbroker, commodities broker, options principal, real estate agent, and life insurance agent. Johnson has created over 3,000 consumer news pieces and has also written two books, Life or Debt and Money Made Simple.

Money Talks is a "consumer and personal finance news feature that airs three times a week" within local TV newscasts in over 80 cities.

About Cash4Gold.com

Cash4Gold.com is part of Albar Precious Metal Refining, Inc. one of the industry's most respected refiners and has consistently received an A Rating from the Better Business Bureau for seven straight years. Opened in 2001 and managed by a team of professionals with over 60 years in the industry, Cash4Gold has achieved a national reputation for growth by making Entrepreneur Magazine's "Hot 500" list for 2007 of fastest growing companies and is the only refinery ever to be listed in the prestigious Inc. Magazine list of the Fastest Growing Companies in America. Hundreds of thousands of customers have been served by Cash4Gold with millions of dollars paid out. The company's services can be seen on national television spots and heard on satellite radio.

For more information about Cash4Gold, and to speak with a company official, please contact Howard Mofshin, President, at 954-970-3222 ext 109 or visit www.Cash4Gold.com.