July 10, 2008

Gasoline Realities

The whole world operates on oil, and will for years to come.

Planes can't fly on solar power, and ships can't sail on wind power (though Maine schooners might make a comeback, if environmentalists would let trees to be cut). According to The Wall Street Journal, 86 percent of the world's energy mix comes from oil, gas and coal.

So people can forget about any substantial relief from $4 per gallon gas until companies start drilling and using the nation's vast reserves of oil, along with the cleanest coal in the world, plus natural gas.

Forget about biofuels and whatever. Forget about wind mills. Forget about solar power. Technology will make some of them viable in years to come. This nation must drill its way out of this mess, now. Technology exists to do it.

It has been the environmentalists who have prevented companies from exploring and drilling for gas and oil for some 30 years. They have prevented the building of refineries and nuclear plants as well. And they own the Democrats, with vast amounts of campaign funding (check voting records).

Elected officials in Washington, D.C., must insist on some serious energy policy initiatives that will result in immediate action on drilling, and some incentives for industry and entrepreneurs to develop alternatives for the future.

People should be careful who they vote for in November.George Jones, Otisfield

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