July 13, 2008

Turkish Minister Says US Company Wants to Drill for Oil in Black Sea

Text of report in English by Turkish news agency Anatolia

Izmir, 13 July: Turkey's Energy Minister Hilmi Guler said Sunday that an American oil company asked for permission from their ministry to seek oil in the Black Sea.

Guler told reporters in the Aegean city of Izmir that they were worried over soaring fuel oil prices and indicated that oil drilling in the Black Sea would begin in 2009.

Guler pointed out the high costs of drilling, both in sea and land, and said they did not want to be on a hiding to nothing.

He said an American oil company filed an application with their ministry to get permission to seek oil in the Black Sea.

Guler who is visiting Izmir to attend the inauguration ceremony of the Wind Power Plant in Mount Yund said they attached great importance to geothermal and wind energy as clean and local sources of energy.

Originally published by Anatolia news agency, Ankara, in English 0908 13 Jul 08.

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