July 13, 2008

GE Selected for $14M Program for the Royal Air Force VC-10

GE-Aviation was recently selected by BAE Systems to provide spares inclusive repair and overhaul of Royal Air Force VC-10 Powered Flight Control Units (PFCU). The five-year agreement is valued at up to $14 million.

"This is an important contract for GE, demonstrating our continued commitment to providing through-life support to the Ministry of Defence," said Cathie Gridley, President, Systems Customer Services for GE-Aviation. "Our solutions include joint management of a responsive repair and overhaul service; fully spares inclusive support and flexible post design services for the customer."

GE's powered flight control units provide the VC-10 with drive to control the movements of wing aerodynamic surfaces such as leading edge slat panels and trailing edge flap panels. The GE solution includes: joint management of a responsive repair and overhaul service; fully spares inclusive support (including buy-back of Royal Air Force stock) and flexible post design services.

This agreement with BAE Systems is an integral part of the latest JAVELIN (Joint Approach to VC-10 Engineering and Logistics Integration) contract award from the UK Ministry of Defence. The JAVELIN Green Expansion sees BAE Systems take an increased responsibility for VC-10 aircraft availability at the front line and delivering of capability to meet all operational requirements.

About the VC-10: The VC-10 C1K is a dual-role Air Transport and Air-to-Air Refueling aircraft. In the Air Transport role, the aircraft is used for troop carrying, with accommodation for 124 passengers and 9 crew members. Use of a large, cabin-freight door on the forward left side of the aircraft allows easy conversion of the aircraft into a dual-role passenger/freight or full-freight configuration. In its full-freight role, the cabin can hold up to 20,400kgs of palletized freight, ground equipment or vehicles, on its permanently strengthened floor.

About C1K: The C1Ks were converted to the Air-to-Air Refueling role with the fitting of an Mk32 refueling pod under the outboard section of each wing. The aircraft can carry up to 69,800kgs of fuel using its original eight fuel tanks. Capable of refueling two aircraft simultaneously from the two underwing pods, the VC10 C1K can itself be refueled from a suitably equipped VC10K or Tri-Star Air-to-Air Refueling aircraft by the use of an air-to-air refueling probe, which is permanently attached to the aircraft nose.

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