July 13, 2008

Power Failure Behind Sunday’s Emergency at Moscow Refinery

MOSCOW. July 13 (Interfax) - Power failure from the Chagino power substation was again to blame for the accidental release of gas that took place at the Moscow Oil Refinery early on Sunday, a source familiar with the situation told Interfax.

This is the third accidental gas release at the oil refinery caused by a power failure in the past three days, the source said.

Despite the fact of the emergency, the refinery continues to operate normally, and power supply has resumed, a source in the refinery told Interfax.

The repeated accidental gas releases do not represent a threat to the functioning of the refinery or to the ecology of this district, the source said.

Earlier on Sunday, the press service of the Moscow main department of the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry reported flames bellowing out of the refinery's gas flare. "The flames, which were not followed by a fire, occurred on Sunday morning as a result of a technical failure at the refinery," the press service said, adding that no one was injured in the emergency.

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