July 14, 2008

Cristal Global Restarts Bunbury, Australia Operations Force Majeure Still in Effect

Cristal Global announced today that it has restarted its Bunbury titanium dioxide (TiO2) operations in Western Australia. The Bunbury operations were significantly impacted by the June 3, 2008 explosion and fire at Apache Energy's Varanus Island natural gas pipeline facility.

Cristal Global has installed equipment to enable it to operate on alternative fuels. The Company has secured some alternative fuels and a limited supply of gas, both at a cost premium, which has allowed it to temporarily restart operations. The Company is still unable to obtain firm supply commitments for the full requirement of natural gas and electricity needed to power its operations.

Cristal Global continues working closely with its raw material suppliers, many of which have also been impacted by this issue.

Cristal Global continues to operate under force majeure. The Company is supplying customer requirements from available inventory, other company production sources and new production as the Bunbury operations rebuild operating rates.

Cristal Global is the world's second-largest producer of titanium dioxide and a leading producer of titanium chemicals. Cristal Global operates eight manufacturing plants in six countries on five continents and employs more than 3,500 people worldwide.