July 15, 2008

Great Plains – The Camelina Company Appoints David Reder CFO

Great Plains - The Camelina Company, the vertically integrated renewable energy company founded with the purpose of producing and marketing camelina-based biodiesel, announced today the hiring of David Reder as the company's new Chief Financial Officer. Reder will be based out of the company's corporate headquarters in Cincinnati.

Reder is an accomplished and versatile accounting manager with a diverse background in public and industrial auditing as well as tax, internal controls, and general ledger accounting. His career has spanned over 20 years with experience in both start-up ventures and large corporations. Reder recently served as controller for Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals, Inc. where he was responsible for all accounting functions. Prior to his career in the financial sector, Reder served in the U.S. Navy for four years.

"David Reder brings years of experience and a desirable skill set to our growing company," says Great Plains CEO Sam Huttenbauer. "Camelina has really started to take off as an alternative crop for biodiesel and expanding our corporate headquarters will help us continue to lead in this effort for energy independence."

In addition to hiring a new Chief Operating Officer at the beginning of the year, Great Plains entered into a full partnership with INEOS Enterprises, one of the leading biofuel producers in the world. These recent efforts combined with its established team of field agronomy experts are helping Great Plains make camelina-based biodiesel a reality. The company is currently crushing camelina on a daily basis with the end result being biodiesel at the pump.

"This is an exciting time for the company because the camelina grown by our contracted growers is actually in the tanks of vehicles on the road," says Huttenbauer. "Great Plains has already supplied camelina for the production of millions of road miles worth of biodiesel, and that figure continues to increase monthly. This biofuel is directly replacing petroleum diesel and it is 100 percent made in North America - good for our economy and good for our environment."

Growers interested in growing camelina with Great Plains should visit the Web site, www.camelinacompany.com, or call toll free, 877-922-6645.

About Camelina

Camelina is an oilseed crop in the mustard family. Research has shown the low agronomic input costs associated with camelina and its ability to grow on marginal land utilizing very little moisture make it unique in the field of alternative energy feedstocks. Unlike other biodiesel feedstocks, such as algae, which seem to hold promise for the future, camelina is producing sustainable biodiesel today.

Camelina is an ideal source for biofuel because unlike other current biofuel crops, it is truly sustainable and does not compete for food use. Camelina production is very efficient and the crop can be harvested and crushed for oil with the remaining parts being used to produce high quality omega-3 rich animal feed, fiberboard, and a host of other environmentally friendly products.

Other current biofuel crops are grown primarily as a food source for animals and/or humans. With an increased demand for alternative energy, these crops have caused controversy as they are increasingly utilized for fuel production, taking away from food production. Camelina, on the other hand, does not take away from land currently being utilized for food production as it can be grown on typically unproductive acres, in areas previously not utilized for farming. For example, farmers in areas that receive limited rainfall that cannot sustain corn or soybeans without the addition of irrigation can grow camelina and add to their profitability.

Great Plains - The Camelina Company is a vertically integrated renewable energy company founded with the purpose of manufacturing and marketing biodiesel produced from Camelina sativa (camelina), a low-input feedstock. The Company is establishing a growing base and production facilities from which it will produce and supply camelina oil with its partner, one of the leading biodiesel producers in the world, INEOS Enterprises (www.ineos.com). Expansion of the camelina growing and production program will vitally contribute to the availability of alternative fuels in North America. Visit www.CamelinaCompany.com for more information.