July 16, 2008

Drilling Tax Proposal Will Hurt Coloradans

By Bill Richardson

I must respond to the proposed Initiative 113 and the lies that are promulgated by its proponents, "A Smarter Colorado" et al. ("Drilling tax backers raise $450,800," July 8.) A better name for this group would be "A Dumber Colorado."This initiative is nothing more than a proposal by tax-and-spend Democrats to fund pet projects during an election year. We do not need to increase spending on college scholarships, renewable energy, wildlife projects, impact studies or whatever else politicians want to throw money at.George Merritt, speaking for the proponents, states that the initiative will take $300 million from "a handful of rich, out-of-state oil companies." The truth is the initiative will take from hundreds of thousands of mineral owners, individuals, small and large companies who earn revenue from their stakes in oil and gas properties. Initiative 113 is a vast tax increase that will harm the long-term health of the energy business in Colorado. Do not vote for this, Colorado. The energy business is a blessing to our state!

Originally published by Bill Richardson, Denver.

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