July 17, 2008

SSP America Wins Contract With New Indianapolis International Airport

SSP America, which operates food courts and concession facilities at airports, has won a contract with the new Indianapolis International Airport.

According to the company, the contract will allow it to re-shape foodservice offerings at Indianapolis International Airport (IND) by providing its more than 8.5 million travelers each year with more choices.

Construction on the new restaurants is scheduled to commence immediately in Concourses A and B as well as the much anticipated Civil Plaza area. Projected revenue to the local Indianapolis economy as a result of the new services will surpass $140 million with more than 120 full-time jobs expected to be created in the process.

The company said that all of its operations feature a mix of food and beverage brands tailored specifically for each location.

Les Cappetta, CEO of SSP America, said: "We are thrilled to partner with the Indianapolis International Airport Authority in this newly developed facility. The construction of the new airport, combined with the quality services we will be opening throughout, will be sure to elevate the status of both the city and its airport so it is on par with other top airport cities and destinations in the country."