July 17, 2008

Noront Announces New Cu-Ni Occurrence at Anomaly AT12

Noront Resources Ltd. ("Noront") (TSX VENTURE: NOT) wishes to present the following update on its exploration activities in the McFaulds Lake area of northern Ontario in the James Bay Lowlands.


1) Two drill holes completed thus far on Anomaly AT12 have returned encouraging widths of visual copper-nickel-iron sulphide mineralization up to 29.2 meters in MMS style Cu-Ni mineralization in peridotite host rock. Assays are pending.

2) Latest drilling at Anomaly AT2 (Eagle Two), continues to probe deeper and delineate copper - nickel mineralization in a shear hosted sulphide setting (Eagle Two SHS Occurrence) now delineated down to a vertical depth of 580 meters along a strike length of 200 meters.

3) Assay results received from five holes (see Table 1) from Eagle Two with the most significant intersection being 6.2 meters from 165.0 meters onwards, averaging 1.14% nickel and 0.52 g/t Total Precious Metals ("TPM" see table below).

4) Noront now controls and holds interests in 1,166 square kilometers of prospective land in the Ring of Fire exploration area.

The anomaly drilling program on the Double Eagle Project continues with two drills testing the Eagle Two (AT2 airborne anomaly) downward extent of a copper-nickel sulphide mineralization in a Shear Hosted Sulphide ("SHS") environment, as well as layered chromite ("LC") mineralization in a peridotite intrusive geological environment, now referred to as "Blackbird One" so as to distinguish this site from the Eagle Two occurrence. Information on the Blackbird One chrome occurrence will be the subject of a separate release.

A third drill is testing other nearby airborne identified geophysical anomalies that have been upgraded to drill targets as a result of ground geophysical surveys and geological review, all within the geophysically interpreted northeast extension of the Ring of Fire Intrusive ("RFI").

The drill assigned to testing anomalies has recently been moved to Grid 2 to test anomaly AT12, located approximately 9.5 kilometers to the northeast of the Eagle One Magmatic Massive Sulphide ("MMS") deposit.

As previously announced (see press release dated July 4, 2008) Eagle One hosts an Indicated resource of 1.83 million tonnes averaging 1.96% nickel, 1.18% copper, 1.12 g/t Pt, 3.91 g/t Pd, as well as an Inferred resource of 1.09 million tonnes averaging 2.39% nickel, 1.27% copper, 1.37 g/t Pt and 4.5 g/t Pd.

AT12 Anomaly

The AT12 airborne anomaly is located approximately 9.5 kilometers northeast of the Eagle One Deposit. Drill testing has commenced on the north end of this long, northeast-southwesterly striking strong coincident magnetic - conductive target. Two drill holes completed to date have encountered encouraging widths of intermittent disseminated and semi-massive copper-nickel-iron sulphide mineralization which have been visually observed over widths up to 29.2 meters. The two drill holes were collared in cumulative-textured peridotite with the sulphide mineralization being encountered near the base of the ultramafic intrusive before the holes entered granodiorite basement rock. The two holes completed to date with a third hole underway are tabulated below with Local Grid and UTM collar coordinates and a visual description of mineralization encountered. Assays for this new sulphide discovery are pending, and these results are based on visual observations only. Notwithstanding the foregoing, visual observations are estimates only and pending assay results may not confirm visual observations in whole or in part.

 TABLE 1: Location of Anomaly AT12 Drill Holes and Visually Observed  Mineralization ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hole ID  North-  East-   North-   East-   Azi-    Dip  Len-        Minerali-             ing    ing      ing     ing   muth  (deg-   gth           zation           local  local      UTM     UTM  (deg-  rees)   (m)         (meters)             (m)    (m)      (m)     (m)  rees) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOT-08-  2G01       4000   1575  5850735  553772    295    -50   240    95.85 - 99.58                                                             semi-massive po,                                                                      pn, cpy                                                               99.58 - 122.84                                                                 disseminated                                                                    sulphides                                                               122.84 - 129.5                                                                 intermittent                                                                 disseminated                                                             and semi-massive                                                                  po, pn, cpy                                                                139.5 - 169.0                                                              minor sulphides ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOT-08-  2G02       4000   1575  5850735  553772    295    -70   308    147.0 - 213.0                                                                 disseminated                                                                    sulphides                                                                213.0 - 242.2                                                                 intermittent                                                                 disseminated                                                             and semi-massive                                                                  po, pn, cpy ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOT-08- 2G03                    5850592  553829    295    -50            in progress ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

The widths contained in Table 1 are not true widths as insufficient drilling has been completed on this occurrence to determine true widths.


Noront has a new system of naming new mineral occurrences when they reach a certain level of continuity, size and tenure of mineralization. Nickel, copper occurrences are assigned the name "Eagle". Chromite occurrences are assigned the name "Blackbird". The number assigned to each occurrence type is indicative of the order of discovery. As stated above, the company will issue a separate release on the chrome results. To date, 32 holes totaling 11,719 meters have been completed at the AT2 anomaly to assess the Shear Hosted Sulphide and Layered Chrome occurrences discovered by Noront earlier this year (see earlier press release dated May 27, 2008). Two additional holes are currently underway (Holes NOT-08-1G55 and NOT-08-1G56), continuing to test these targets.


Assays from holes at Eagle Two, that have been received since the last press release (May 27, 2008) are described below (see Table 2). The current drilling has continued to extend the mineralization containing visible copper-nickel sulphides to a vertical depth of 660 meters. The Eagle Two occurrence occupies a position conformable with and near the stratigraphic bottom of a wide Peridotite Sill which in turn unconformably overlies a Granodiorite older basement rock. Assays are pending for the more recent holes. With the interpretation of the new holes at Eagle Two, the SHS zone continues to dip flatly at 50 to 60 degrees to the west and strikes north-south within the Peridotite sill or the "RFI".

 TABLE 2: Recently received Significant Assay Results (Eagle Two) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------                             Int.                 Pt                     TPM Hole ID     From (m) To (m)   (m)   Cu%   Ni%  (g/t) Pd (g/t) Au (g/t) (g/t) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOT-08-       142.0  168.6  26.6  0.03  0.27   0.04     0.11     0.05   0.3 1G20 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Including     154.9  159.0   4.1   0.1  0.73   0.03     0.16     0.06  0.25 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOT-08-       158.0  174.0  16.0  0.11  0.73   0.04     0.22     0.04   0.3 1G21 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Including     165.0  171.2   6.2  0.16  1.14   0.07     0.35      0.1  0.52 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOT-08-       196.5  202.2   5.7  0.14  0.99   0.04     0.39     0.05  0.48 1G22 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOT-08-       No significant assays 1G23 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOT-08-       216.0  229.3  13.3  0.04  0.31   0.03     0.09     0.02  0.14 1G25 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Followed by   348.4  374.1  25.7  0.03  0.37   0.08     0.27     0.01  0.36 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

Due to the limited number of drill hole and assay results, true widths are not yet determined for the Eagle Two occurrence.

Assays are pending for the following drill holes recently completed at the AT2 Anomaly site from both the Eagle Two and Blackbird One occurrences. Notwithstanding the foregoing, visual observations are estimates only and pending assay results may not confirm visual observations in whole or in part.

 TABLE 3: Summary of Recent Drilling (since last press release,  assays pending) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hole ID  North-  East-   North-   East-   Azi-    Dip   Len-       Minerali-             ing    ing      ing     ing   muth  (deg-    gth          zation           local  local      UTM     UTM  (deg-  rees)    (m)        (meters)             (m)    (m)      (m)     (m)  rees)  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOT-08- 1G42        850   3140  5842062  546000      0    -90  459.7     340.6-352.5                                                              (po, mt, Cu-Ni)                                                                  425.4-426.8                                                                 semi-massive ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOT-08- 1G43        875   3160  5842100  546050      0    -90    630     293.9-302.5                                                                  (po, Cu-Ni)                                                                  444.2-481.3                                                                (chrome beds)                                                                  482.4-496.3                                                             (massive chrome) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOT-08- 1G45        920   3050  5842062  545900      0    -90    357       Lost hole ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOT-08- 1G47        827   3300  5842137  546150      0    -90    669     549.1-554.9                                                                (chrome beds) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOT-08- 1G48        867   3225  5842137  546959      0    -90     15       Abandoned ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOT-08- 1G49        867   3225  5842137  546050      0    -90    248  No significant                                                               mineralization ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOT-08- 1G51        947   3085  5842100  545900      0    -90    645       408.7-410                                                                  (po, Cu-Ni)                                                                  561.5-565.8                                                                      (po,Cu) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOT-08- 1G52        867   3225  5842137  546050      0    -90    708         394-398                                                             (mt, py, po, Cu)                                                                    402-406.5                                                                 (po, py, Cu)                                                                  578.5-579.5                                                                 (chrome bed) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

For all tables:

Cu refers to copper mineralization, typically chalcopyrite (cp)

Ni refers to nickel mineralization, typically pentlandite (pn)

Po refers to pyrrhotite a sulphide mineral

Mt refers to magnetite

Cr refers to chromite mineralization

Semi-massive refers to sulphide mineralization, predominantly po, pn and cp

Drilling continues at Anomaly AT2 with two drills continuing to test the Eagle Two and Blackbird One occurrences.

Other Anomaly Drilling Programs

Ground geophysical surveying is well underway at the Double Eagle project Grid 2 area, as well as other areas. Linecutting followed by ground geophysics has commenced for the numerous options and joint venture properties that are operated by Noront, around the Ring of Fire. Since January 2008, Noront staked many additional claims and continues to acquire additional land by staking and joint venture, all of which are being surveyed by Geotech Ltd's new deep penetrating airborne Time-Domain Electromagnetic ("VTEM") system, over the next few months. This new helicopter mounted system has demonstrable and acceptable conductance discrimination for high conductance targets by using a low frequency (30 Hz), long on-pulse and derived B-Field. Noront has amassed over 48,600 hectares of prospective ground and is in joint venture with several other resource companies on approximately 68,000 hectares. Collectively, Noront holds interest in approximately 116,800 hectares or 1,166 square kilometers of staked land within what management believes is the most favorable exploration area. A third drill has commenced on the Double Eagle Project to test airborne anomalies, all of which have undergone further ground geophysical surveying including AT-5, AT-6, AT-7 (all on Grid One) and AT12 (first anomaly on Grid 2) all east and north of the Eagle One MMS deposit.

AT3 Anomaly

As reported earlier (May 27, 2008) a total of 2,621 meters was drilled in eight holes testing airborne anomaly AT3, located 4 kilometers to the southwest of Eagle One, or two kilometers west of Eagle Two. These holes intersected altered (talc-chlorite alteration) and non-altered strongly magnetic peridotite units that were locally mineralized with disseminated sulphides. The presence of magnetite veinlets and disseminated sulphide mineralization in the peridotite provide some evidence of conductivity and explain the high magnetic signature for this geophysical anomaly. Samples were selected from all visual mineralized sections, and were submitted for multi-element analysis, results from hole NOT-08-1G26 are pending. No significant base metal or precious metal values have been received to date.

AT5 Anomaly

The AT5 anomaly is located approximately 1.1 kilometers east of the Eagle One deposit. This anomaly is described as a 500 meter long, 100 meter wide moderate to strong magnetic anomaly, with weak electromagnetic responses to various airborne and ground geophysical surveys. Two completed holes and one lost hole totaling 675 meters were drilled to test this anomaly as outlined in the following Table.

 TABLE 4: Location of Anomaly AT5 Drill Holes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hole ID   Northing   Easting  Northing  Easting   Azimuth       Dip  Length           Local (m) Local (m)   UTM (m)  UTM (m) (degrees) (degrees)     (m) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOT-08  -1G41         578      5850   5843714   548161        90       -45      33 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOT-08  -1G44         577      5849   5843714   548160        90       -45     351 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOT-08  -1G46         577      5849   5843714   548160        90       -65     291 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

The two completed holes encountered granodiorite and peridotite as well as serpentinized dunite. The presence of highly serpentinized dunite and peridotite provides an inconclusive explanation for the cause of the geophysical anomalies detected at this location and more work may be required to explain them. The core samples contained only minor sulphides observed over short intervals.

AT6 Anomaly

The AT6 anomaly is located approximately 2.0 kilometers northeast of the Eagle One deposit. This anomaly is described as a string of electromagnetic anomalies over 450 meters on the southern flank of a prominent magnetic anomaly. Three holes totaling 1,317 meters were completed while testing this anomaly as outlined in the following Table.

 TABLE 5: Location of Anomaly AT6 Drill Holes and Mineralization ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hole ID  North-  East-   North-   East-   Azi-    Dip   Len-       Minerali-             ing    ing      ing     ing   muth  (deg-    gth          zation           local  local      UTM     UTM  (deg-  rees)    (m)        (meters)             (m)    (m)      (m)     (m)  rees)  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOT-08- 1G50       1025   7100  5844898  548801      0    -90    651    409.8-419.60                                                                    stringers                                                                    py,po,cpy ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOT-08- 1G53       1025   7100  5844898  548801    315    -70    357   270.00-289.62                                                                    stringers                                                                    py,po,cpy                                                                300.00-302.30                                                              bands py,po,cpy ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOT-08- 1G54       1025   7100  5844898  548801    315    -55    309   238.40-254.10                                                                    stringers                                                                    py,po,cpy ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

All three holes drilled to date on this anomaly have encountered sulphide mineralization that is interpreted to be iron formation style mineralization. Observed mineralization occupies a steeply south-east dipping series of cherty, narrow meta-volcanic beds where pyrite, pyrrhotite and chalcopyrite are present. The mineralized intervals encountered in these holes are being sampled for this respective metal content and assays are pending. No further work is contemplated at present here. INDEPENDENT QUALITY CONTROL AND ANALYTICAL PROTOCOL

A thorough quality control program has been in effect for the Double Eagle project which includes grouping samples into batches of 35 into which are added 2 certified reference material standards, 2 field blanks comprised of sterile drill core, and a field duplicate. Coarse reject and pulp duplicates also form part of the QC program. Approximately 10% of the samples are sent to a secondary lab as a monitor on the principal lab. It can be said with confidence that all assays as reported in this Press Release have passed the strict quality control guidelines as set out by Noront's an independent Qualified Person ("IQP").

All samples reported upon herein were completed by Activation Labs (Actlabs) of Ancaster, Ontario. The samples submitted to Actlabs were analyzed for multi-elements, including Ni and Cu using a four acid digest followed by ICP-analysis. The samples that received base metal values greater than the upper limit for the method underwent further analysis using ICP-OES. For the Au, Pd and Pt, the assay methodology was Fire Assay on a 30 gram aliquot with an ICP finish. Silver was analyzed using a 3-acid digest with an ICP analysis. For more information on assay methodology please visit the Activiation Laboratories Ltd. Website at http://www.actlabsint.com.

Drilling results in this press release have been reviewed in the field and approved for dissemination by Noront's senior management including John Harvey, P.Eng. Chief Operating Officer of Noront and Dr. Jim Mungall P.Geo., Noront's new Chief Geologist, both being Qualified Persons under Canadian Securities guidelines. Noront is a tier 2 junior resource company on the TSX Venture Exchange, trading symbol NOT, with 129,493,883 shares issued to date.

Investors are invited to visit Noront's IR Hub at http://www.agoracom.com/IR/Noront where they can post questions and receive answers or review questions and answers already posted by other investors. Alternatively, investors are able to e-mail all questions and correspondence to [email protected] where they can also request to be added to the investor e-mail list to receive all future press releases and updated in real time.


R. Nemis, President and Chief Executive Officer

This press release includes certain "Forward-Looking Statements" within the meaning of the US Private Securities Reform Act of 1995. Other than statements of historical fact, all statements are "Forward-Looking Statements" that involve such various known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors. There can be no assurance that such statements will prove accurate. Results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements. Readers of this press release are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these "Forward-Looking Statements".

The TSX Venture Exchange has not reviewed and does not accept responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

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