July 18, 2008

Guinea Gets 20,000 Tonnes of Food Aid From World Food Programme

Text of report by Bailo Barry entitled "International: Support of WFP to Guinea: 20,000 tonnes of food for the vulnerable (28m dollars)" published Guineenews website, based in Canada but with editorial team in Guinea, on 17 July

The world is currently experiencing unprecedented food and energy crises. The two combined make in Africa, especially Guinea, today a large section of the population find itself faced with enormous difficulties. It is to try to alleviate the difficulties that the World Food Programme (WFP), following a request by the Guinean government on the increase in food prices that affect considerably the access of homes to food, started an emergency food distribution to 60,000 vulnerable persons on 15 July.

This free distribution of the 20,000 tonnes of food valued at a total of 28m dollars, which is the equivalent of 160bn Guinean francs, will be done in some areas in the four natural regions, the capital and rural areas.

In addition, the WFP will give nutritional aid to 25,000 children aged less than five years and pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. This aid will be given through targeted health centres in Conakry and in the prefectures.

It must be pointed out that these activities will be carried out in close collaboration with the decentralised government services and in partnership with local and international non-governmental organisations such as:

In Lower Guinea: Conakry City Health Administration, Action against Hunger and Men's Land which will help the WFP in carrying out this duty.

In Lower Guinea, they are the NGO Association for Community Development in Guinea (ADECO-M) and the Association for the Development of Kolladhe (ADK) and the Guinean Voluntary Union for Development (UGVD) which will execute these activities.

In the Upper Guinea, it is the Catholic Organisation for Human Promotion (OCPH/CARITAS) and the Basic Initiative for Sustainable Development in Guinea which will assist the WFP while it is the Association of Community Animators of Guinea (AACG) which was chosen to do the distribution.

It must be noted that the official launching will take place in the hinterland of the country today 17 July, in the presence of representatives of the government. According to Mr Abdou Dieng, representing the World Food Programme (WFP) in Guinea, "the relief aid given is a response and not the response to the current hike in the prices of food products which, is part of a global strategy g]for improving food and nutritional security".

Originally published by Guineenews website in French 0000 17 Jul 08.

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