July 21, 2008

Uzbekistan Decreases Gas Supplies to Tajikistan

Text of report by privately-owned Tajik news agency Asia-Plus website

Dushanbe, 21 July: Uzbekistan has again reduced gas supplies to Tajikistan.

The first deputy managing director of the Tojikgaz [Tajikgas] state unitary enterprise, Shavqat Shoimov, has told Asia-Plus that Tajikistan daily receives some 528,000 cu.m. (about 22,000 cu.m. per hour) of gas. Earlier the country was importing about 30,000-40,000 cu.m. of the Uzbek fuel [per hour], Shoimov said.

"Uzbekistan has again reduced the supply of fuel because Tajikistan failed to pay off its debt for the consumed gas. Currently, Tajikistan's debt to the neighbouring country exceeds 7m dollars," Shoimov said.

Shavqat Shoimov said that gas was being fully delivered only to the Talco [Tajik aluminium company] state unitary enterprise and partially to the Tojikazot [Tajik nitrogen] closed joint-stock company, where only one [production] line works. According to him, the main debtors among gas consumers were still the Barq-i Tojik [Tajik Electricity] energy holding company, which owes some 3.8m dollars, and the Tojiktsement [Tajik cement] state unitary enterprise, which owes to Tojikgaz 2.5m dollars and to which gas supplies were stopped.

"If these enterprises managed to settle their debts, then the gas supply company, in turn, would pay off its debts to Uzbekistan and could come to agreement about resuming gas supplies in a larger volume," he concluded.

Originally published by Asia-Plus news agency website, Dushanbe, in Russian 21 Jul 08.

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